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8/7/2012 c2 9Legendary Fairy
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih! I took almost a year to NOTICE this...Literally, the day you posted last year was my birthday...And unluckily I had much things to do...and didn't notice until now...Well, nice chapter, and thanks for accepting my OC...man, can't believe how dumb I could be...
8/23/2011 c2 5WereDragon EX
Wow, it really has been quite a while, hasn't it? But this is a good chapter to start the story. I must say, I liked Arabelle's ineraction with the OCs, but wished that you included more of Artemis, since he disappeared after the starting scene. Well, you've certainly allowed readers to glimpse good amounts of OC personalities, and great job with my OCs. Yes, Preston would be rather annoyed with other people flirting with Scarlet, and i would suppose that Scarlet would be irritated at anyone who flirts with her, except Preston. Well, very good job with the chapter, and I hope that the next one comes soon.
8/22/2011 c2 BumletsGoil18
I love this story! And I'm happy that I'm beta-ing for such an amazing author!

Oh, and I love how you wrote Ser!

Best of luck with the next chapter!

Much love,

S :D
12/14/2010 c1 PawsForThought
Name: Zae Quilta

Nickname: she doesnt like to tell people her name unless she trusts them so people call her 'X' if they don't know.

Age: 16

Birthday: 12/9

Looks: mega long straight black hair with silver streaks (she says its natural because her hair loses pigmentation but she's lying, only one streak is natural which is the one at the front), dark brown eyes, really pale skin, quite tall and thin.

Uniform: wears the skirt pretty high up and has a lot of buttons undone, never does up the blazer. always wears a silver necklace with a peace symbol on it and refuses to take it off because her mom gave it her, alternates her hair from being tied back and loose each day

Weekend clothes: skinny jeans or short skirts with leggings, wears a lot of black but is not emo, she has loads of paramore tshirts and hoodies because she is obsessed with them :D

Personality: is untrusting but really friendly and trustworthy if you get to know her, is very secretive but also loves to joke around and is very funny, she has unpredictable mood swings that you do not want to get on the recieving end of :S she likes to stay inside and feels awkward in social situations, but she can also be a bit of a rebel ;) she always carries a lighter with her

History: Her parents died in a boating accident and she almost drowned when she was 6, she was sent to live in a orphanage, she then ran away when she was 10 after she got her first pokemon and travelled round the world for a few years with her pokemon, she then was found by another family and adopted

Family: her real parents died so she now lives with her adopted parents, Sue and Alen and her adopted brother, Mic.

Pokemon: Charmeleon (aka charmy), her first pokemon was a male charmander that then evolved into charmeleon, he is very loyal but is moody to anyone but her and is always setting things on fire, moves- fire spin, flamethrower, rock smash, thunderpunch and dragonclaw. Vaporeon, or rea, female, is the only water pokemon she can trust,shes very sweet, she knows waterfall, hydro pump, tail whip and haze. Rapidash is her third, hes really competative and fiesty, he knows fire blast, flare blitz, ember and agility. Moltres or molly, female, is really dependable and adores zae, she knows heat wave, solar beam and sky attack. Houndour is her newest, he can get really angry for no reason and barks a lot, he knows bite, fire fang, dark pulse and overheat.

Trainer, Breeder, Researcher, or Coordinator: shes a super trainer because thats what shes spent most of her life doing ;)

Opinions of others: I think she would like Arabelle a lot because shes a rebel just like her, they can be 'partners in crime', she probably thinks that Artemis is a bit of a goody too shoes but she'll put up with him, if you think shed be friends with others then you can put that but she also doesnt blend well with people, she prefers pokemon :D

Romance: i really don't mind, whatever u think best i guess

Good/Bad/Neutral: i would probably prefer it if she didnt dissappear but if its absolutely neccessary then i guess so.. but hopefully not... shes on whatever side you think would suit her best

Other: after the boating accident she then developed a terrible fear of water, which is why she mainly has fire pokemon, she is a pyromaniac (loves fire) because she believes fire counteracts water.
11/28/2010 c1 32Fear the Pika
I'm hooked. I noticed a few spelling and grammar errors, but not enough for the story to be interrupted. However, there is one error I request you change. Unless it's a 1st person narrative, the use of contractions (Can't, won't, we're) isn't standard. Formal writing rules dictate that you keep the words separate.

However, as I said before, I'm intrigued with the story. A little more description would be nice, but I almost always say that, even about my own work. xD

Can't wait to see chapter two, there are many things about your writing that I like.
11/28/2010 c1 Chilltown
Okay, a review..

How the characters' personalities play off each other is a little refreshing in fanfiction; ya don't see that often. It might even be funny. Looks like quite the story, but I probably won't be sending you an OC, 'cause it looks like you've gotten a lot already.
11/26/2010 c1 5WereDragon EX
Well, that's an interesting start. It seems that when twins appear in a story, more often than not they are polar opposites of each other. Anyways, I'm interested to see how you will implement the plot you have in mind for this story. Do update soon.
11/23/2010 c1 1Sambob
Hmm, this story looks intresting so here is my OC

Name: Scott Stephens

Nickname: Chef Scott

Age: 15

Birthday: March 24

Looks: Short Brunette Hair, Small Hazel Eyes (Like this -.-), 5'5 , Slightly Pale, Chubby.

Uniform: No Change

Weekend Clothes: A Blue T-Shirt and a Grey Pouch Vest combo, Short Brown Cargo Shorts, and Black and Blue Sneakers.

Personality: Very laidback and dosen't take anything seriously except in cooking and videogames. Not very athletic and can be a bit of a complainer. But he is very kind and is willing to help a friend out in any situation as long it is not physical work.

History: Every since he was 9 years old he had a fascination of cooking. But when he attended cooking classes for the first time he burned the room. He then learned from his mistakes and became even more devoted to cooking. Later when he was 12 he finds out he is a natural pro when it comes to videogames and once won a Junior Major League Gaming Competition in his hometown.


Mother: Lauren Stephens

Father: Gerald Stephens

Little Sister: Ashley Stephens

Pokemon: Munchlax

Nickname: Chewey

Personality: Just like his master, but has a thing for chewing gum.

History: Scott met him when he was stealing hot dogs from his grill during a friend BBQ party.

Moves: Focus Punch, Ice Beam, Rest, and Body Slam

Trainer, Breeder,Researcher, or Coordinator: Trainer

Opinions of Others: "Artemis needs to chill out sometimes and live a little like Arabelle, okay maybe not too much like Arabelle".

Romance: Unlikely, who would like a chubby guy who only cooks and plays videogames.

Good/Bad/Neutral: Neutral
11/22/2010 c1 8Zulu the Vampire Slayer
I like it so far. Interested in seeing the later-on stuff. I shall be submitting my OC through PM promptly.
11/22/2010 c1 13James95
Name: Christian Bennel

Nickname: Chris, Ben

Age: 14

Birthday: May 26th

Looks: 5'2, slim with cramy coloured skin, short curly grey hair dyed blonde and cloudy blue eyes

Uniform: No change except for a gold stud in his right ear

Weekend clothes: Pink top, blue jeans, brown jacket and brown leather shoes.

Personality: HE is the epitome of kindness, always happy, cheerful, friendl and helpful with a tendency to apologise when he does even the smallest thing wrong though he does have moments when he acts like a bimbo or a whingy little kid. The truth is that when sometimes his eyes don't match his smile it's because he's worried that he may have to say goodbye to his loved ones sooner then he wants to and tries to cover it up with a smile.

History: Born in HEarthome city throughout his life Christian was always loved for his intelligence and polite nature which would shine like a star, until he was diagnosed with leukaemia at age seven. The worst day was when all of his hair fell out, a little at a time until it was all gone. He's been given the all clear but he has to dye his hair now.

Family: Mum Beth, 41. Dad Edward, 42 and sister Monique, 12

Pokemon: Millie the female skitty. Young with a hyper attitude. Met Chris when he took therapy classes during the time he went bald. Knows assist, slash, iron tail and blizzard

Cyrus the male turtwig. Christian's starter with a caring but tough attitude. Knows magical leaf, pound, bullet seed and magical leaf.

Harvey the male poochyena. A shy but funny little guy who Chris got from the local pokemon rescue center. Knows bite, dig, tail whip and fire fang.

Trainer, Breeder, Researcher, or Coordinator: Coordinator

Opinions of others: Arabelle is a meanie, Artemis seems like a nice guy and COle needs to lighten up.

Romance: Yes, someone quiet who likes writing and drawing

Good/Bad/Neutral: Good please and no he's suffered enough so to be kidnapped is like Ronnie in Eastenders. Too much

Other: Phobia is losing his hair again and loves singing and baking

Name: Paul Burrow and Cain Waisle

Nickname: Paul: Freak, psycho psychic and Electro. Cain: Yankee, bully and Rocky

Age: Both are 14

Birthday: Paul: March 8th Cain: June 20th

Looks: Paul: Dark skin, 5'8, muscular with brown eyes and crew cut black hair. Cain is different with Bakura style black hair, blue eyes, really pale skin and slin at 5'7

Uniform: Paul has the blazer sleeves and shirt sleeves torn off and Cain has everything in black.

Weekend clothes: Paul: A dark green tshirt with a black bodywarmer, black jeans with chains and black converses. Cain: Red tshirt under a black hoodie, dark grey jeans and black combat boots

Personality: Paul is Brutish with a pottymouth and a badass attitude served with a wicked sense of humour. Cain is virtually emotionless in appearance but this is to hide his often harsh words and the occaisional snide comment. What both have in common is their friendship to Christian.

History: Paul was a real street punk, with an alcoholic single father he would go out into the Hearthome streets in his little gang. He met Chris in elementary school when they bumped into each other. Some son of a b**** took Chris' head scarf so Paul came in and beat the kid up verbally to get it back, they talked and not before long became friends. The teachers were worried that Paul was using Chris as some servant but it was never liked that. Pretty soon his dad got off the bottle and he left the gang. Cain was a different story. He was called a witch in his hometown of Lavender for being friends with ghost pokemon so his family moved when it got to the stage of the kids setting fire to his back garden. They moved to Hearthome where one day at middle school Cain was found out to like ghost pokemon after becoming friends with Chris. He thought that Chris would treat him like the rest and beat him up but Chris said that Cain was to good a friend to lose because of a technicality.

Family: Paul: Father Den, 40. Cain: Mother Jude, 42. Dad Phil, 44 and sister Hannah, 16


Paul: Pyro the Houndour male. Badass but secretly friendly nature. Pyro was the runt of the litter so he was left by his pack. Paul found him rooting in the bins and decided to keep him for company. Knows ember, dark pulse, fire fang and odour sleuth

Chase the Monferno male. Paul's starter. Cocky nature. Knows mach punch, flamethrower, flame wheel and iron tail.

Cain: Heinous the spiritomb. Met at the old well outside Hearthome. Cheerful emo nayure. Knows dark pulse, shadow ball, hyperbeam and mean look

Lady the female Absol. Kind but serious nature. Met when Cain received an egg that Chris got him for Christmas. Knows razor wind, night slash, shadow claw and psycho cut.

Mick the male Wartortle. Mick is a funny chap who was Cain's starter. Knows aqua jet, rapid spin, aqua tail and crunch.

Trainer, Breeder, Researcher, or Coordinator: Trainers

Opinions of others: Arabeele seems awesome and Artemis needs to get that pole out of his stuck up ass. However, if anyone hurts Christian in anyway whatsoever they will suffer where none can hear their screams.

Romance: You can choose.

Good/Bad/Neutral: Good

Thanks but only have Paul and Cain in if Chris is chosen. They need to stick together.
11/22/2010 c1 1Zenkatana The Malicous
Name: Kaoru



Looks:Messy black hair, blue eyes, 6,1 male, very pale

uniform:Just the normal.

Weekend clothes:Black cloak

Personality:Quick to temper, dislikes many.

Family:His father disowned him, and his mother died.

Pokémon:Houndoom named Dark, Mightyena named Killer, Sunflora named Shine, and Alakazam with no nickname. Cleared the first 5 gyms.



11/21/2010 c1 1U R Beautiful
Name: Charlene Zabini


Age: 15

Birthday: Novermber 30th

Looks: Dark brown hair, generally down with a red headband, when feeling curious it'll be pulled out. red eyes, kinda small, very tan, with slim gold glasses.

Uniform: she doesn't change it...

Weekend clothes: jean capris with a big white belt, a pale blue v-neck, chunky red bracelet, and a cherry charm that hangs on a chain. It might change slightly occationally, the capris exchanged for a skirt, the shirt a different color, but this would be her favorite outfit.

Personality: Cherry is a very bright, adventures young girl, who enjoys discovering the answers to things. She's very open, and trusting, with no real secrets to hide. She has yet to learn that not everyone can be trusted. She also spaces out a lot. She might be talking, then just trail off with out finishing her sentence, and be randomly thinking about something else. She also has a book with her 60% of the time. 90% of the time, this book is a journal filled with drawings, and facts she notices of pokemon and their environment. Even so, while Cherry isn't exactly shy, she's not super outgoing either. She's perfectly content to sit on her own reading, and equally content to be out and about with her friends.

History: When Cherry was 3-years-old, her mother died in childbirth. She never really missed her mother's presence in her life, as her father more than made up for this, however there were certain times in her life when she wondered what it'd be like to have one. She clings to the only faint memory she has of her mother gently rocking her in her arms, crooning a soft lullaby to her. Cherry spent much of her life traveling numerous places with her dad and siblings. Up until she was about 8, she had been planning on being a pokemon trainer, but, when she was 8 she met Professor Oak, when her dad was meeting with him. She was immedately intrigued by him, and the ammounts of information he had, and decided later that day that she wanted to be a pokemon researcher, and maybe someday a professor, just like he was. Over the next couple years, she discovered she had a knack for noticing things that many other's would pass over, a talent she was assured frquently, that would come in hand as a researcher. She started at the academy because she thought it'd help her more than just journeying around...

Family: Mother died in childbirth, father is a researcher, who loves discovery. An older sister who is an excellent trainer (maybe she could guest speak sometime? hehehe...), and a younger brother who would be in about 6th grade? His name is Badrick... maybe he's friends with your oc's little brother...? You can change him as much as you like!

Pokemon: Chimchar "Prince" M: Her starter, who has an incredibly bad temper, and enjoys shooting flames randomly at people. It takes a while, but once he starts listening to Cherry he turns out to be a really good battler.


Glaceon "Miki" F: A very proud, though cold, battler, who is very loyal when needed.


Staraptor "Shou" M: He greatly values freedom, and often lets himself out of his pokeball to fly around randomly.


Tentacruel "Ruby" M: probably the oldest of all her pokemon. He was caught when she saw him at a port one day. she imediately hugged him and declared him to be the cutest pokemon she'd ever seen. He's generall mildly bemused by all the "youngesters".


Budew "Rosie" M: Only caught recently, over the summer, he's obnoxiously oblivious, and incredibly happy-go-lucky, and rarely notices the scorn others (MIKI) feel for him.


Trainer, Breeder, Researcher, or Coordinator: Researcher

Opinions of others: She really likes Ara, as a friend, and would probably be good friends with her (if you're willing). She mostly just thinks Artemis is fun to tease.

Romance: YES! But not with my other OC...

Good/Bad/Neutral: Doesn't really matter to me... its fine with me if she's kidnapped...

Other: Richi is her childhood best friend, but they don't like eachother. they're more siblings than anything else...

Name: Richard Ada

Nickname: Richi

Age: 15

Birthday: March 20th

Looks: Richi is quite good looking. He has flaming red hair, and blue green eyes, with faintly tan skin.

Uniform: Doens't change it

Weekend clothes: Jeans and a random tshirt usually...

Personality: Richi is a total flirt. He loves making girls blush, and giggle, and has never met a girl who he wouldn't flirt with yet. He's pretty spoiled, coming from one of the wealthier families, and is rarely denied having anything his way, making him overly confdent, cocky, and spoiled. Once you get past that, however, his overall demeaner is cheerful, teasing, and pranking, only very rarely getting mad.

History: Richie is, in short a rich kid. All his life, he's had the kids at school, and of his father's employees, sucking up to him in hopes of money, new toys, getting their mom/dad a promotion at work. All his life, only one family hasn't seemed to like his family for only their money, and that's the family of his mother's life-long friend. He and Cherry have always gotten along beautifully, and once they went to school got along with _ and _ (preferably the twins, but insert two random names there if needed) well also.

Family: Father: A busness man, Mother: a socialite, both rarely around...

Pokemon: (Tell me if the pokemon has a nickname, their personality, how they met their trainer, and moves)

Trainer, Breeder, Researcher, or Coordinator: Coordinator

Opinions of others: Thinks Artemis is a pretty cook dude, and detirmined to bring him out of his shell, finds Ara annoying since she's difficult to annoy...

Romance: YUP! Probably with some random shy girl he never notices until... well he does...

Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad BUT NOT ON PURPOSE!

Other: I'll PM you his pokemon and both their pokemon's moves!
11/21/2010 c1 9Harleyquinnzelz
Name: Nicholette Brooke

Nickname: Nikki(only thing she'll answer too. If her teachers call her by her full name she will completely ignore them)

Age: 15

Birthday: August 5

Looks: She is short, skinny, and pale with short cropped dirty blond hair that's spiky in the back. She has bright hazel eyes.

Uniform: (The typical unifor is, for girls, a navy blue skirt, white button up shirt, and a matching blazer that has one giant button in the middle. For boys, it's navy blue pants, white button up shirt, and a navy blue blazer. Just let me know if your oc changes the uniform at all. I expect most students wouldn't be as… extreme as Arabelle, but tell me what jewelry, hair style, anything that might be different about their uniform) She wears a shorter skirt, replaced the blazer with a over sized purple hoodie, and for shoes she wears knee high black combat boots. She has a lot of studded jewelry and has a nose ring.

Weekend clothes:

Her usual purple hoodie, a pair of tight skinny jeans with holes, and her purple high top converse


A pleated black miniskirt, short sleeved purple zip up hoodie, and her combat boots

Personality: One of Nikki's most notable personality traits is her lust for violence and her love of brawling, making her somewhat of a thrill-seeker and adrenaline junkie. She has noted that she finds the very act of violence therapeutic. Despite her love of violence and mindless destruction, Nikki is highly intelligent. She has displayed excellent skills of insight and analysis, particularly on relationships. Additionally, despite her love of violence, Nikki claims that he does not enjoy pain.

Nikki has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Nikki possesses a swaggering posture and enjoys living by nobody's rules save her own. She has a habit of making pithy remarks and glib insults, even toward the few she does not view as antagonists.

History: When she was seven her beloved father died leaving her with her mother and older sister. Then, when she was eleven, her mother remarried to a very proper man who Nikki hated. She became a rebel and purposefully did things that he wouldn't like. Eventually she grew apart from her mother and "perfect older sister.


Mother: Lyra Macintosh( 42)

Sarah Macintosh(18) she changed her last name to match her step father's

Kevin Macintosh (46)

Pokemon: (Tell me if the pokemon has a nickname, their personality, how they met their trainer, and moves)

1.) Female Vulpix named Vixie. She is very caring and protective towards Nikki and can be somewhat of a drama queen. Her moves are Fire Spin, Flame Thrower, Fire Blast, and Over Heat. (She is always out of her pokeball. She met Nikki when she was badly injured and when Nikki was walking through the forest. Nikki found her and healed her and Vixie had been following Nikki ever since)

2.) Male Scyther named Blade. He is stubborn and cold to most people except for Nikki. He constantly worries about her and is very defensive of her. Attacks are Quick Attack, Cut, Slash, and Fury Cutter. (He met Nikki when Nikki was in a fierce battle with a Poliwhirl. Blade came to her rescue and hasn't left her since.)

3.) Male Totodile named Fang. He is very hyper and playful and doesn't seem to know when to be serious. Often gets distracted in the middle of battles. Attacks are Rage, Water Gun, Water Pulse, and Focus Punch.( He was a gift to Nikki as an egg for when Nikki helped a young pokemon researcher)

4.) Female Zubat named Venom. She is quiet and is often off to the side observing. She hates being the center of attention. Attacks are Bite, Wing Attack, Toxic, and Shadow Ball.(She met Nikki when she appeared to Nikki while Nikki was walking through a cave.)

5.) Female Tailow named Feather. She is very brave and is always quick to fight. Doesn't like being told what to do and will only listen to Nikki. Attacks are Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Fly, and Steel Wing. (She met Nikki when Nikki was walking through some tall grass.)

6.) Pacharisu named Momo. She is very giggly and girly. Kind of the complete opposite of Nikki. Attacks are Spark, Attract, Thunder, and Quick Attack. (She met Nikki through a trade.)

Trainer, Breeder, Researcher, or Coordinator: Trainer

Opinions of others:

Arabelle: Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I get along really well with her.

Artemis: Oh...him*blush*. Yeah, I know him. Why, did he mention me. He cute and I guess...I like him. No, not like that! Why would you think that?

Romance: Yes, and preferably with Artemis

Good/Bad/Neutral: Good

Other: Well...I'd like for her Vulpix, Totodile, and Tailow to evolve
11/21/2010 c1 1MourningBlack
Name : Pandora Hart

Nickname : "Call me one and you'll die a slow death!" or for short, Heart

Age: 16

Birthday: 13th July

Looks: Dark brown hair with red streaks falls straight to her shoulder, dark brown eyes, 5'5, very pale skin.

Uniform: The normal uniform splotched with black paint, a skull choker and a scarf labeled ' Calculators will replace teachers!'

Her uniforms a bit messy, she haes everything prim and proper.

Weekend clothes: A long sleeved orange sweater and light brown cargo pants. Seen ALL THE TIME with a skate board on the weekends~

Personality: A cruel dark sadist that loves to play around with people, an impossible shell to break. Loud mouthed and swearing machine. Warms up VERY SLIGHTLY to people (admires Arabelle). Hates people that are WAY too cheerful and bubbly~

History: Killed her family pet Espeon, parets sent her to school to take a "kinder" personality. Got lost and locked in a mall once, hates tight squeeze places (claustrophobic).

Family: Koel Hart ( a new born baby)

Maria Hart (mother, 42)

Lorenzo Hart (father, 44)


Crobat, Male, Crow Zero (or for short, CZ)

Personality: Quiet, her starter. Rarely helps his trainer at all, ocassionally abandons her whenever she gets lost in the woods. NOT reliable, but a decent battler. Used as a get-away pokemon.

Moves: Confuse Ray, Fly, Double Team, Poison Sting

Seviper, Female, Vipra

Personality: Loud an boisterous. Partner in crime with Houndoom, A VERY GOOD battler, but is too lazy to do anything really. A decent battler but a pro when angry (that rarely happens, AKA 1%/100 % though)

Moves: Dig, Sludge Bomb, Poison tail, Giga Impact

Houndoom, Male, Breaker

Personality: Loyal, typical dog Pokemon. Partner in pranks with Vipra. Rarely used in battles because of his limping leg. The same pokemon that killed Pandora's family Espeon.

Moves: Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Shadow Ball

Abra, male, Kuzo (means number)

Personality: Loyal to a point of irritation to Pandora, out of it's pokeball ALL the time, but is rarely seen. Hugs those that are on the "I Like You So I Won't Steal You Wallet" list and blasts Psybeams at the "I Hate You Because You ARE Annoying" list. Abused constantly by his other team-mates, tongue as well has been abused by Pandora's cooking.

Moves: Psybeam, Psychic, Dream Eater, Hypnosis

Type: Breeder

Opinion: Arabelle; She's a riot! She's just like me! I admire her of course'~ But she needs to lay low on the pissing the teacher off... that's MY job~

Artemis; You mean THAT guy? Nah, he's alright, a bit cute if you ask... but overall, he's not my type...~

Romance: In love with thee emo, Gothic type. (pretty sure there a few in the school)

Neutral Side: Kidnapped all the time, but get out ALL the time. Thinks it's a running gag, even after someoone actually explains she's been kidnapped.

Other: Negative~

If you need anything else, drop me a PM~
11/21/2010 c1 21AVioletQueen
Name: Victoria Carmody

Nickname: Vic

Age: 14

Birthday: November 22

Looks: She has straight black hair down to her shoulders that she wears in a ponytail. She also has blue eyes covered by rectangular-rimmed black glasses. She's very tall and gangly, with lanky arms and legs. Her skin is pale from being cooped up in a library in most of her spare time. She's not skinny, but not fat either. 

Uniform: She'd probably wear the girl's uniform with the guy's pants. She hates skirts! 

Weekend clothes: A random t-shirt, jeans, and Converse. Or a hoodie and sweatpants. 

Personality: She's an inquisitive girl, and loves reading. She's very clever and loves inventing or working with small gadgets. She's talkative when she's excited or nervous, but otherwise, she'd rather curl up with a book than socialize with others. She's clumsy on her feet, but good with her hands, and gets easily embarrassed. She also is a deep sleeper, and can't get up earlier than 9. On the other hand, she's a night owl, and can stay awake for much of the night. Vic also hates physical activity and will do anything to get out of running or lifting weights.  

History: Vic has had a normal life, with nothing majorly taboo. She got her first pokemon when she was 10, and she has been training since then. She has gotten 2 gym badges, from Sunyshore City and Veilstone City.  

Family: Parents - James and Ida Carmody (43 and 45): James is tall with brown hair and green eyes. Ida is rather short with black hair and blue eyes. Researchers who are hardly ever at home. They love their children, but value their job a bit more. Not by any means unkind, just focused on their work.


Siblings - Edward and Anne Thorton (12): Twin brother and sister respectively, brown hair down to their shoulders and blue eyes (Anne ties her hair up in a ponytail). They are prankers and love to tease Vic, but are very close to her in reality. They view her as a mother figure.   


Grotle - Turtle: A kind and sweet Pokemon that's very affectionate. 

•Rock Smash

•Frenzy Plant

•Razor Leaf

•Giga Drain 

Gyrados - Dragon: The father of the group, he's very protective of the others. 



•Hydro Pump

•Aqua Tail  

Staraptor - Starlet: Vain and proud, but always determined to do her best. 


•Brave Bird

•Take Down 

•Aerial Ace

Ponyta - Flame: Shy and skittish, she is hard to train, but she is eager to please.  


•Flame Wheel

•Fire Blast


Lucario - Luca: The silent one of the group, and he gets embarrased by any show of affection. He's the 'tough guy'.

•Force Palm

•Close Combat

•Aura Sphere

•Drain Punch

Glaceon - Gracie: Hyper and excitable, she is very jumpy and hard to control. 



•Icy Wind

•Ice Shard

Occupation: Trainer

Opinions of others: 

Arabelle: "... Whoa. Um, hi. You're an interesting person who I can't possibly have anything to say to. So bye!"

Artemis: "You're quite different from your sister... You seem... Cool? Yeah, that's the word." 

Romance: Sure! I'd prefer it to be with someone like Artemis or Artemis himself, that is, if you don't already have plans. 

Good/Bad/Neutral: Neutral
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