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7/10/2020 c8 Sentrack Ikitsu
I haven't left yet
12/12/2015 c6 SuperMarioFan2468753901
Good story! One question though: Isn't Azula the daughter of Ozai?
11/27/2012 c8 Fire Princess
like i said before it would be a lot more intresting as an azutara story but if you didn't want to you don't have to well see ya at the next chapter but if getted late i'm coming for ya
11/27/2012 c6 Fire Princess
you know after that you might find this a little wierd but i think this story would fit more as a ( azutara & taang ) story understand what i mean because thier both same age and all bedides azula and katara are getting along very well well see ya
4/10/2012 c8 carl sniper
plz finish this story it is one of my favorite to read
1/25/2012 c8 14Blader 25
Continue! Please?
8/10/2011 c8 2Turkey in a suit
ok. i'll wait. i've totally frgotten what this story is about. need to re-read XD
7/17/2011 c7 Turkey in a suit
Sokka is so sexist. It's really unwise to offend a female when she's doing housework, she tend to start screaming and throwing stuff at you. Then make you do the housework... Glad that you've finallyupdated. I thought you abandoned the story or something. Looking forward to your next update :D
7/17/2011 c2 Anon
4/16/2011 c6 7Nerdman3000
I do hope your planning on introducing Ty Lee and Mai. Also maybe you should have something where Azula struggles with the evil of her past.
4/16/2011 c5 Nerdman3000
I like the idea of two Avatars, and it kinda seems cool.
4/8/2011 c6 2Turkey in a suit
Gyatso reincarnated? Wierd. I like the idea of toph and Azula together though, with toph's scheming mind and Azula's strategic one, they will wreck havoc on scammers! Somehow, 'The Scam' is my favorite avatar episode. It was just so funny! Don't stop on the jokes, please. They add humour to the story. I think I'm going to read the story by this TeelTerror. Looking forward to your next update! :D
4/7/2011 c5 Turkey in a suit
Love the chapter. It was horribly long though. You're really researched alot about this haven't you? It's nice introducing flip, it does show that Azula is less coldhearted than she was in canon. This story has the potential to be BIG, but seriously, please edit the prologue and first chapter. I'm sure your story will be more popular that way. It's also nice to know that Zuko is better towards Iroh here and I like your sense of humour. It's very Iroh-like. :)
4/7/2011 c4 Turkey in a suit
Well, most fanfiction do have OCs, but please try to keep it to a minimun, some people hate OCs. Don't really know why, maybe they just feel that fanfiction should stay as close to canon as possible. But this is fanfiction, authors can do whatever they damn wish. Anyway, interested to see how the OC of yours affects the story. I like the idea of having two Avatars . It spices things up.
4/7/2011 c3 Turkey in a suit
Decided to sneak in another chapter. Couldn't resist. Got to say, I'm impressed. Your english seemed to have improved from chapter 1 by a significant amount... I can see the twist now. Two avatars in a story. That's gotta be interesting. Love the idea. The foundation is getting more solid now. You english has improved as I mentioned earlier. (Go read the prologue and chapter 1 than compare them to chapter two. There is serious improvement! It's like, real sudden.)Maybe you should edit the prologue and chapter 1 one of these days, most people just read the first two chapters then stop or continue reading based on what they've read so far. I'm sure your english will continue to improve (not that my english is any better:( ) And no matter what, never give up! (Great, I sound like some third grade philosopher now...)
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