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for If You Play With Fire,

9/19/2021 c35 Courtney Elizabeth1
This hooked me. It reeled me in. This book fan fic was amazing. Wow. I couldn’t stop reading it. Thanks for sharing.

I wish wish wish this was a alternative spin off movie from White Collar. This is awesome. Amazing work thanks.
The partnership. The characterisation. Amazing. U got everyone written perfectly.
9/16/2021 c14 Courtney Elizabeth1
Bahahah this is great the banter and wittiness. U thought about it didn’t u re handcuff to table
9/15/2021 c4 Courtney Elizabeth1
But but but. Ruiz saw the other guy throw Neal there and cut anklet. Doesn’t take a genius to no Neal wasn’t wanting it.
9/12/2021 c35 Macy
What an amazing story! This is better than I could have ever imagined. Truly brilliant.
12/18/2016 c35 3PastOneonta
This was very different. Incredibly detailed and rich with plot and excellent original characters. Very complex as well, Neal's personal history and the story of the art was fascinating. I enjoyed it, thanks for writing.
3/9/2015 c35 lkspires
You may have done your White Collar stories awhile ago but they STILL are a great read. Thank you for the time and effort you put into each of them. :)
5/14/2013 c1 Guest
Definitely the best white collar fix I've ever seen! Love it and love your style of writing.
5/11/2013 c1 ted
The best white collar fix I've ever seen!
11/30/2012 c35 wotumba1
certainly did enjoy the remaining chapters as well!

wonderful story!
11/30/2012 c34 wotumba1
gotta be impressed with neal's meticulous planning!
11/30/2012 c33 wotumba1
as peter thought: everything can happen at an airport ;-)
11/30/2012 c32 wotumba1
think i do like rory...
11/30/2012 c30 wotumba1
of course it wouldn't go as easy as planned...
11/30/2012 c28 wotumba1
wow, there's no love lost between the two brothers!
glad that peter was there!
11/30/2012 c27 wotumba1
love this chapter!
and the part of dreaming someone elses memories, like jellyfish!
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