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3/10/2013 c1 1StellarLupine
Mr. Peapod would be a nice nickname...but I'm not sure it's one that Oichi would call him.

It's the name of his re-arranged theme music in SB3 when you face him, anyway.
9/2/2011 c1 17AstraAltair
I really got surprised with this wonderful story!

As everybody think, I´ve never thought or read a story about them!

But it makes so special this one!

I reallve loved this scene:

Instead, he could feel something streaming from his eyes, making his eyesight much more blurred. Though weakly, he cursed again.

"Ah, please do not cry, Mr. Green… Ichi does not like seeing people cry…" She delicately caressed his face, wiping the tear from his eye. "It makes Ichi pity them more…"

That was so wonderful!

So, Congratulations!

And thanks to wrote this story!
8/22/2011 c1 NinjaGirl345
I really enjoyed this story. This was definitely a different and unique pairing. I felt that they were in character for the most part. I don't think Oichi ever referred to Motonari by any name, but yours did seem like one she woulda used. Keep up the goodwork!

Ninja is out; Peace!
2/12/2011 c1 14GoodbyeCrimson
Very sweet! Oichi and Motonari are two of my favorite characters, and you write them very well. :)
12/6/2010 c1 69Marialena-Princess Of The Moon
It was intersting story and a intersting pair of people.Motonari and Oichi I never thought them in a story.Anyway that was good 8 stars!
11/24/2010 c1 2pokeaddict17
I only have one question, and that is... what exactly is a okra? Thanks for any answers. :)

I admit, I was curious. I am always curious. So when I clicked on the link to this fic, I was just all, "Let's see what surprise it has."

I stupendously loved this one. Hurt/Comfort fics were always my favorite, I just don't like happy stuff? But anyways...

"... attire, sans the helmet and arm guards. He then took a deep breath and poised himself, making sure to look confident and superior despite his condition." Is "sans" supposed to be "and"? Not sure, but just pointing this one out.

I would say Mouri and Oichi were IC, but since I'm not good with how characters act, won't comment much on that.

Mm... seems like there is nothing else. And about Oichi's nickname for Mouri, I might info on that, so will tell.

Have a nice day, and I hope to review future works. :)

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