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3/12/2011 c8 Farmer Kyle
Wow... Heavy chapter here, I like the contrast of this and the last chapter. While the last was light and a bit funny, this was darkish, and morose, maybe. Anyway great chapter, I'm curious who these "Others" are though; are they Kami and Hild? I also liked the sublety of the first two scenes and the titles that you've given Ranma. I'm still curious how far you entend to go into the Golden Sun story-line, will you stop after Mars Lighthouse and do an epilouge of sorts about Isaac and company's trip to Vale? Or will you continue into Dark Dawn and have Ranma play behind the scenes as Matthew an friends save the world from darkness? I kinda want to see Ranma interact with Isaac's and Felix's gang or at least Kraden if only to see the reactions and what would happen afterwards with them knowing of someone MUCH older than the Wise One, heck Wayward. I think you should do the scene however with Alex on Mt. Aleph during the Golden Sun event. Anyway, Good Luck With Life And Writing!
3/12/2011 c7 Farmer Kyle
Hey, great chapter. It took me a bit and reading it a few times to understand what you were doing changing Hama's perception of Ranma, but I have got to say it was really clever. I also liked that bit of comedy at the end. Well, Good Luck In Life And Writing!
2/21/2011 c6 Farmer Kyle
Interesting back story for sure. I guess you're going to keep it up untill Weyard's creation, which seems to now be Ranma's attempt and seeming, at this point, success at keeping Earth and its people alive through Ragnarok. Very intriging I must say. Good chapter over-all. Good Luck In Life And Writing!
2/14/2011 c5 Farmer Kyle
I liked the chapter. I kinda guessed Ranma's immortality would be explained like that. Still, good chapter. Good Luck With Life And Writing
2/14/2011 c5 3Cstan
Sooo, Weyard is Earth in the future and Ranma was able to increase his life-span drastically by mastering his ki? This at least answers the question why he/she seemed so old in the previous chapters.
2/6/2011 c4 Farmer Kyle
An interesting chapter. I have to admire your thoroughness in intergrating Ranma into the Golden Sun universe. I can again see a bit of fore-shadow to DD, so kudos! I'm not sure but isn't Nyunpa in the first dungeon of 'GS: The Lost Age'? I'm just trying to get an idea where this is in the timeline. Are you going to continue this through 'Dark Dawn' as well or you ending at TLA? I've seen too many good stories with potential just die while they had a good thing going, so DON'T GIVE UP! Know you have a dedicated fan right here. Good Luck In Life And Writing!
1/24/2011 c3 Jimbobob5536
Very interesting concept.
1/24/2011 c3 Farmer Kyle
Finally! Liked the chapter and the fore-shadow to Dark Dawn. Keep up the Great work! Good Luck In Life And Writing!
12/16/2010 c2 FarmerKyle
A very interesting crossover. Wouldn't have thought of the concept before. But I DO like these first two chapters. Very well written and proper grammer, that's a peeve of mine what with the fair majority of stories on site just make you feel stupid for reading it. You're first chapter though was what caught me; very mysterious and deep and all that. Quite dramatic. And the second was a nice opposite, alot more cheerful with a pinch of humor. Can't wait to see more! Keep it up! Good Luck with life and writing! And Happy Holidays!
12/10/2010 c2 FalseExact
I'm curious to see where you take this as I'm not familiar with Golden Sun, but I can read up. Otherwise, I'm hooked. Didn't see any spelling errors or grammatical (at least to my knowledge).

Yes, I do know it's a game.
12/10/2010 c2 TenWings
12/10/2010 c2 2DeltaBladeX
Nice chapter. I like. Even better now that I've finished Dark Dawn. Any plans with how far you are going to take this in the game series?
12/10/2010 c1 3Hiryo
Interesting one
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