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for Sherringford: A Study in Purple

2/20/2016 c1 Guest
Hmmmm is the "pills" Rat&Mouse poisine?
1/6/2016 c1 Guest
Huh. Didnt think this was gonna be good. Guess i was… REALLY REALLY REALLY WRONG! This was awesome!
1/18/2014 c1 la dorada
love it!
4/17/2013 c1 5Rayner Fox
Please continue, I'd really like to see more of this. There is a distinct lack in any version of Sherlock Holmes and Great Mouse Detective crossovers. This could be really run to read, hope you return to writing it.
2/16/2013 c1 Beatlesfan44
I loved it! You should most definitely keep going!
2/20/2012 c1 mabpanda
Please continue this story! PLEASE! i love it so far!
2/24/2011 c1 19Catherine Spark
Great beginning! It might have been a human at first, in the Afghanistan montage, until the clause: “My left paw shakes to touch my forehead.” Made me smile, but in a bittersweet way given the content of his musings.

"You can take the mouse out of the war, but you cannot take the war out of the mouse" – this also made me laugh, and is a nice touch because as you say at the start, an analogous quote is not in the TV series. So a good original joke. There should be a T-shirt with this slogan on it.

“My wounded leg is sprawled on the floor…” – This created a mental picture that I don’t think you probably intended, but I knew what you meant, so I think it’s ok.

One thing I would say is at times David seems very, very human. For example, the laptop and opening the drawer. But this is offset by details such as ‘riding on the step of a cab’, and ‘The dark furred mouse pointed her pen at me’. Having seen Basil, they are very anthropomorphic though, so again this is another reason why I think you made a wise decision not copying the TV series too closely in story, since that would be a little confusing.

Please continue this!
1/24/2011 c1 BB
I like it so far. My suggestion is that you change up Basil and Dawson's personalities a bit so that they're somewhere in between the mice and the men. Maybe also change up their meeting so that it reaembles the mice version. Anyway, it's a fun and interesting story so I hope you finish it!
1/3/2011 c1 23Basil4Life
This is very good idea and a wonderful start at that. I had the same idea as well but decided against it for some odd reason. I noticed several misspellings here and there but nothing too crucial. I seriously think you should continue it. Seeing how Dawson is, I'm now curious and anxious to see how Basil is.

I agree with you, the season was too short. I mean, seriously, only three episodes? Also it sucks majorly that the last episode had that evil cliffhanger.

Anyway, I can't wait to see more!

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