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1/24/2011 c1 14paper-star-paper-cup
I don't know why I didn't read this earlier, but I managed to read it just now before I have to run off to class.

First off, your writing is very good. Your grammar and spelling are both pretty much perfect, and both of those aspects are huge parts of what I look for in stories.

Also, I love how you focused your story on Gordon and Billy. No one really writes about those two, and it's a shame because they're both wonderful characters.

I honestly don't know the framework of their relationship from this one chapter (I can't tell if it's going to be a friendship or slash fiction) but I love it already.

Hopefully you do continue! I don't understand why this doesn't have more reviews. I still think you should continue this, though, because any story that isn't Freddy/Katie/Zack/Summer or flocked with Mary Sues is highly appreciated.

The last bit was my favorite. "I threw up in the tub, don't take a bath" is my official Favorite Quote of the Day.


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