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1/6/2011 c11 Tornography
Sorry. Just wanted to say that your progress was awesome!
1/4/2011 c11 4americanpie96
Congrats SnowSword! :)
1/3/2011 c11 BlondyCandyGirl
Congrats to SnowWord!

And can't wait for the next chapter!
1/3/2011 c11 DaCMC
To E-scopeisawsome

Thank you for liking the nickname

Toboe: Wow! I'm on this island for only a day and I have a nickname! I think Laley might be my first real friend! (his eyes widen ad he clutches his arm) But what if they find out about my sc-

Claira: Geez shut up! First I get bugs in my bed, now I have to listen to you talk? And to everyone here who already dislikes me... Suck my ASS!
1/3/2011 c11 3Always Ashlyn
Well it's good to know you won't quit. Thank you for not giving up.
1/3/2011 c11 CookieGiver lazy to log in
Me-Alright SnowSword! Whooho!

Layley-Ya! U go Gal! (or guy?);D

Me-...Your only doing it because they made ur team win didn't you?

Layley-Teehee, which makes me closer 2 the cash, but to new adventures Also! Whooho!

Me-And to get alittle closer 2 a certain some one named Toboy, correct

Layley-WHAT! Where did you get that from,hmmm? *blushes*

Me-Whatever. Anyway, Congrats SnowSword! Ya deserve it! And to the owner of Toboe and Claira (I'm sorry! I can't remember how 2 spell ur name! Forgive me!) *Cues adorable Onyx eyes* I read ur review :) and I think that's an ADORABLE name for Toboe cause I totally get it since it kinda goes with his nature as being a kid, his name has 'boy' in it! :)

Love with a Chocolate Chip Cookie,


(P.s. If you didn't notice it's me! E-scopeisawesome ;)
1/3/2011 c11 9NeokoNewman
Congrates to you SnowSword!

It's funny that a person who didn't even have a OC in here wins an award! XD

Though is makes me worried that one of my OC's my be in danger of elimination, but hey, he'll probably be eliminated eventually right? XD

I can't wait to see how the first challenge will go! Update soon! ^_^
1/3/2011 c11 Lilly Seed
Yay! Go SnowSword! Anywho, this is the first time I've been one Fan Fiction in a while... wierd...
1/3/2011 c11 17Josh Spicer
Congrats to SnowSword
1/2/2011 c11 3Madnessisfun
Very interesting. I must be sure to plan my reviews more carefully then. This new update in the rules will be very helpful. *Smirks evily* Still, I'm a little annoyed that my team will lose but, since the captains have immunity, it's fine. Besides, I already have a good idea who to vote for.
1/2/2011 c5 3GrassBlade-Chan
...I misspoke! Instead of Kat, I meant Nathan... sorry. My sis is watching "Victorious"
1/2/2011 c11 GrassBlade-Chan
:D Awww! I feel so honored! Alright, down to buisness!






Alright! I got it!

Win:Team Random

Lose:Team Subarttic

Immunity:Shann Tonee, or Kat

:D thanks SO much for letting me pick!
12/22/2010 c8 crazed.cellist
Ffff- im sooo sorry for not reviewing! My computer was getting fixed! Gonna start reading now... im so sorry.
12/21/2010 c9 BlondyCandyGirl
Paris:*Angry*Somebody puts bugs in my bed.Now how I am going to have my beauty sleep?By the way,his was very mean.
12/21/2010 c10 BlondyCandyGirl
Paris:*Reading a magazine about Chris,then looking at the camera *Oh,well...I can't believe that people would vote for me.I am so sweet and nice,why they want me to go?Well at least,I am still in this show with my teddy bear,Chris*smiles*
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