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8/23/2020 c12 LincolnRonnie94
Well terminus pirate are screwed and hopefully UOA will attack terminus with exception on omega
7/8/2020 c1 SPECTOR -107
Please continue this story
4/17/2020 c18 3Mikazuki Augus1
pls continue
3/29/2020 c18 Guest
One thing I don’t get about this attack. No matter how successful it is the UTF and CNS will have easy justification to at least triple their military presence in the region. So why is anyone from the citadel backing it? I get that the council is usually portrayed as arrogant but this is just giving them ammunition on a silver platter.
2/16/2020 c8 1BigBadAud666
Fools, only a reclaimer can activate forerunner artifacts
11/11/2019 c3 dwdadw33
70% o c is circa 20000km/s (i aproximated it to 20000km/s bc i dont really want to do the calculation )
2/9/2019 c3 Theil
the beam PASSED through... Don't you speak English? Your tenses are wrong.
8/20/2018 c18 Hatelove731
They have not updated this story at all. Some trusted friends they are I don't mean to insult them but this story needs to be updated it is SO GOOD. I am sorry if I seem like an ass but I speak my mind. So what is the new story's name I am positive it will be AWESOME.
5/3/2018 c18 5Retro Wolf
Please for the love of god update
1/22/2018 c10 WildKhaine
As soon as the UOA made an agreement with the Batarians, the slaving empire, I kind of lose any respect or interest I may have in them. As far as I'm concerned now the UOA is just another group of scumbags. Plus their complaining about being spied on? That's just funny and so hypocritical. How many AIs do they have infiltrating Citadel systems? Or operatives inserted into Citadel planets to spy? Also, can't believe they wouldn't have a few stealth ships trespassing in Citadel space to spy either. Then you have the UOA get all outraged and say how they hate people watching them behind their backs. Honestly, I can't stand hypocrites especially ones who deal with slavers.
11/26/2017 c14 Guest
Why! Just why did the Shepards have to be included damnit!
11/26/2017 c4 Guest
That goes against Cole protocol! Really? Showing a unknown your own home planet!
6/30/2017 c8 Z
Valern was a salarian councillor.
3/17/2017 c12 sweetingdev
A. those pirates are screwed, and if ONI finds out, a preemptive strike.
B. when the council learns they can't use forerunner technology, they will be disapointed.
3/26/2016 c2 3Ghrathryn
Okay, haven't read the entire thing yet, but something caught my attention with this chapter. The first half, up to when Santiago speaks, is what's known as an info-dump, we, quite honestly, don't /need/ to know about the improvements to the ship's systems out the gate. In fact it's actually more annoying than useful when people info-dump that way, particularly since a lot of them seem to do it with regard to character looks or fancy tech. If you want to give us ship specs, the best ways would be either a separate profile at the end of the story or have people discussing things, maybe someone familiar with an older model frigate aboard talking to someone that's part of the crew and something is mentioned.

Also, check your grammar, I noticed a few times where someone speaks a sentence and then the start of their 'action' sentence isn't capitalised. I believe it's mostly accepted that you end speech with a full stop if someone does something that's not part of how they're speaking after, in which case normal rules apply. If the next section of the paragraph is how they say what's in quotation marks, then you can use a comma and leave a lower case letter unless you name the speaker as the next word.
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