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8/17/2011 c1 2Moonstar66
i laughed when i saw that harry's fake name was Ryuuki. in case you don't get why, it's because at the end of one of the death note volumes there was a christmas special and in the strip, light calls ryuk ryuuki. i thought the coincidence was hilarious XD keep on writing. :)
8/11/2011 c17 6killing u with umbrellas
loved it
8/9/2011 c17 4Reader-anonymous-writer
L was stunned into silence

I vote that we conveniently forget any of that happened until later... preferably never. All in favour?

you've got two - Ah, Hallows, and the Resurrection Stone.

And people wonder why I live on an island! - Do you have wards against Howlers?

One of the most common causes of death for an Unspeakable is to accidentally say something that they shouldn't to someone they shouldn't be saying it to - These oaths should prevent person from speaking, not kill after speaking.

Now that I would have paid to see!

I should warn you though, that I have never lost a game

The chess pieces themselves were practically worshipping L by the end of the game.

You're a goldmine! A genius! Dear Merlin, it's not a gold mine, it's a diamond mine...

Luna has given symbol of the Hallows?

Harry had said that he has a stone that can bring people back from the dead. Perhaps it just created echoes of people that were once living? - Yes, just echoes. But as Master of Death, Harry could probably help L to stay alive.

You're catching on!

Poppy and Molly, they are awfully fussing about Harry.

Harry however, was an enigma; a walking contradiction.

As genial as Harry had been, L was certain that if it came down to it, Harry would sell him out in a second if it would benefit his world. - Don't think so. It would have to be an awfully huge benefit. And even then I expect Harry would warn L before doing it.

The next one probably won't be out for a while, because we're moving house, going on holiday, Mum's coming, and I'm sure things will crop up in between... - I'm afraid so. These most interesting books, books about Harry Potter and L, are characterised by the smallest frequency of updates.

Good luck.
8/9/2011 c17 5Pink Bismuth
Great chapter (as always). I absolutely loved L's thoughts on Harry at the end of the chapter. His distrust, his confusion, just trying to wrap his head around the anomaly of Harry. I also liked the incident with Harry's magic, very interesting and worrisome. Can't help but wonder about what would happen with the panic button. It was nice that L and Watari showed some concern for Harry. Can't help but wonder what Luna was hinting at, I see the Hallows are coming into play what with the triangular symbol, that must have Harry quite bothered.

L's thoughts on fate was also interesting, I think concepts like fate are rather scary. Similarly I found L's point of view on the Bat Bogey Hex to be horrifying. That curse is scary and reading about it being put on Malfoy made me happy. (Malfoy's probably my least favorite character in Harry Potter, such an annoying character.) I was laughing so hard at Harry and Malfoy's interaction. Honestly shame on Malfoy for rivaling with other men! Lol. The wizard's drunken fighting was very creative and also quite amusing. Oh and Telly Fission! Oh Arthur Weasley, I just want to hug him, he's just so lovable. Thanks for updating, I hope your feeling better and not just because I can't wait for the next chapter.
8/6/2011 c17 9SensiblyTainted
Oh man! Harry shows weakness and L goes for the throat! LOL!
8/5/2011 c17 7Kira Kyuu
Awesome! Thanks for the update, who cast the yellow spell? What was it supposed to do?

8/5/2011 c17 squarepancake
L doesn't seem to realize that Harry died for his friends, not for the society.
8/5/2011 c17 mabidiso
You have GOT to be kidding me! Dear lord, how many times can you knock a reader back on their hiney? I am completely bowled over the the utter awesomeness of this chapter. Sooooooo much to adore, so much to think about and wonder about and speculate! OK, first, I gotta crow about something I FINALLY figured out from the last chapter that I now understand after re-reading that chapter AGAIN: the green button on the watch Harry gave L. It puts up a silencing or privacy field, right? Maybe also notifies Harry that L has caught someone's attention.

LOVED Ginny, Ron and Draco's confrontation. That was so unspeakably hilarious and tense and frightening all at once. Poor L! He got to see magic users let their hair down and get frisky with each other in a nasty private spat and also a public brawl. Scary stuff. Wonder if he'll have the perspective later to realize how lucky he was in the types of confrontations he witnessed - nowhere NEAR as bad as those with wicked intentions could have made it. Escaping through the upstairs window was funny and tickled me no end. Harry's premonition feelings are so strong. Are they getting stronger? His "episode" with his conflicting magic, altering his appearance (L's description made it sound like a human slowly beginning to transform into a "Death"-like character - a Grim Reaper - that's the impression I had). Will Harry no longer be human? Is being the Master of Death a sentence to immortality as a Reaper King? Isn't there already a King of the Shinigami? How would Harry fit in? Then, oh, then there's L's ruminations on the nature of magic and time and fate and free will. I still haven't managed to pick myself up - you totally blew me away. Yep, went through three walls and a landed in a bush. Total annihilation. Good god, I'm going to be reading and re-reading L's thoughts again and again until I can digest it and fully appreciate it.

Best wishes for your safe return to full health and continued happiness, and best of luck in moving and in the visit from the mother.

Your devoted reader,

8/5/2011 c17 69Touch of the Wind
Great update! I find this L extremely amusing in his interactions with Harry and Watari. Though I think L has misinterpreted Watari's feelings towards him- its also quite sad that this is his thought pattern of how people perceive him. My favourite part was this line: "Every moment that you stand there, is a moment where I find myself not eating cake. Do be quick, Watari."
8/4/2011 c17 4Calecus
Thanks for the new chapter. =D
8/4/2011 c17 6Ice Vixen X
Oh my goodness, I still can't get over how much i love this fic. it is sooo original and fun and wonderful. the fight, the insight into wizarding life, the relationships, Harry and L. All of it is masterfully done. *bows* Keep up the great work...^_~
8/4/2011 c17 90Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
I'm...confused. How did Harry know that would happen to him? Did I miss something?
7/29/2011 c16 ephemeral violet
Please tell me that that's Luna Lovegood :D It'd be interesting to see L/Luna interaction, to say the least :)
7/27/2011 c16 2Shinkashinko
I love it. I like the animal candy idea. Did l meet luna lovegood? Nice way to have the story.
7/25/2011 c16 5Osprey Eamon
Luna Lovegood. This should prove to be an interesting meeting.

The party’s rather larger than I expected; I’m sure L feels the same way. Easier to lose yourself in a crowd perhaps, but it was a tad unnerving. Was there anybody in magical Britain who didn’t show up?
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