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for The Past: Revisited

7/27/2015 c10 WhiteRose-Kurama
I finally got all caught up. This sequel has exceeded all my expectations. I wonder when Yuki will find out that he basically left Kagome to fend for herself during the summer break. Will either of Yuki's cousins tell her that Yuri is still alive? Can't wait for all Yuki's carefully laid plans be ruined. I wonder if this will be what finally opens his eyes to the fact that Yuri was telling him the truth about what Kagome really thinks of him? She still fears him and believes that he hates her even if she doesn't say it to his face. Will Shippou and Kirara make an appearance? Will you have Sango and Miroku meet each other? When will Kouga's reincarnation show up? Please keep up the good work and update soon. :P
2/7/2014 c9 Psyka
Absolutely love it amazing just like its prequel love it please update again soon
10/1/2013 c9 meghan166
Grest story hope you finish it love to know what happens
3/18/2013 c8 Veronica
Ok, you might be taking FOREVER to finish the next chapters but you are an incredibly AMAZING writer. I really do love this fanfiction, but I did finish this chapter around Christmas so you need to hurry up!
5/21/2012 c7 Wishfull-star
please update this story i really like it:)
4/15/2012 c7 4Jenmoon1
sorry I am late I got a ps3 Great chapter as aways update soon
7/11/2011 c5 4Rea27
a little confussing at the begining of the chapter but it was well worth finishing it! hope you update soon :)
5/9/2011 c4 DreamBeamz
I feel so sorry for Yuri, especially since it’s been five years without Kagome! I am glad the twins are there for her. My heart is breaking for her. I can’t wait to read the next chapter, I know it will be fantastic and I will hope for good things to come! I know you won’t disappoint, your stories are always marvelous! –hugs-
5/9/2011 c3 DreamBeamz
I have to admit I just wanted to scream, “Don’t go Yuri!” the whole time. I’m worried about Yuki’s despondency and what is going to happen. It is truly a wonderful chapter! I love Kagome’s and Yuri’s closeness and it was very interesting to see more into the mind of Juno. Curious if Dante will be in the next chapter. Off I go to read it! Again it’s amazing and I love it! ^_^
2/20/2011 c3 Rea27
is it me or are your chapters getting longer and longer?

your first story was awsome but now this one is even better. Could you hurry up on Chapter 4? I really want to know what happened. Oh? Please don't let it be short like 'Into the past'. I thought it needed some more chapters to it. :) Keep writing the awsome!

Rea 27 (the M lover)
1/30/2011 c2 DreamBeamz
AMAZING! I absolutely adore it and I'm on the edge of my seat to see what happens next! I can't wait for the next chapter! You are a fantastic writer and I have definitely already invested my emotions in this story! *hugs*
1/30/2011 c1 DreamBeamz
So at first I was silly and thought this was an edited version of the previous story, I realized my mistake upon checking the story. So far it's amazing and heartbreaking! I love it so much! I do hope Yuri and Dante end up happily together and that Yuri gets to see her mom again. *crosses fingers* Whatever happens, I know it will be fantastic, I'm off to read the next chapter because I just can't wait any longer it's so good! :) *hugs*
1/21/2011 c2 4Jenmoon1
great pleaase update
1/17/2011 c2 4Rea27
oh! this was just as good as the last one; Out of the Past.

I hope you decide to update it soon, its so good on where you left off! I just wonder how this story is going to go. Is it going to be like the last one? or is it going to be like something completely diferent? Oh! you really need to hurry up! Yes, ITS THAT GOOD!
1/9/2011 c2 11Haku's Lover18
Very interesting plot line. I can't wait to read more when you can update.

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