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for We're Getting Married!

2/16/2011 c2 AceTrainerMitsy
It would be so wierd to see him marry Izzy, but it sounds cool!

HOWEVER, my vote goes to Chris. Love a good yaoi pairing. ;)
1/28/2011 c2 DuncanCourtney4Ever
I Vote for Blaineley, that sounds interesting!
1/10/2011 c2 6thecauldronmeasuringoffice
DJ's Mum, or Blainley (sp?)
1/7/2011 c2 11Mistystarshine
Mr. coconut, because I seriously can't think fo anyone.
12/28/2010 c2 Duncan Luva
One Word: CHRIS! I Always Loved That Crack Pairing! My Fav Gay Couple Too!
12/28/2010 c2 23Nagasha
DJ's mom!
12/28/2010 c2 26AerisSerris
Oh, yay! I love a good Gwent, they're much better than Gwuncan in my opinion. :P Go ahead a flame me, Gwuncan lovers, I don't care.

As for Chef... I vote for Chris. Because they are a hilarious couple. Chref, maybe? Or Chrachet?
12/28/2010 c2 13Islanda
Ooohhh, I'd love to see Chef get married to Izzy! That would be exciting! (:

Great chapter of Gwen and Trent by the way! This story is really good! :D
12/28/2010 c2 217I'll Cover Angel and Collins
Chef and duncan! God this would be ffunny I hope people agree lol
12/27/2010 c2 108PimpedOutGreenEars
It's a hard choice, but I have to vote for Chris. Also awesome job with Trent and Gwen!
12/27/2010 c2 18EternalDarkness101
hmm this is hard but i want either DJ's Momma or Blainley
12/27/2010 c2 drums247
This story is one of the best non-contest stories I've ever read! I would want Chris to get married to Chef Hatchett. I mean, he always seemed to have a crush on Chef, so why not marry him? Please update soon.
12/27/2010 c2 EsmeLovesTrent
Chris! Totally they make a horrible couple yes chris!
12/27/2010 c2 Alana
People are only picking Blaineley cuz she's the only one he could get married to without it being weird. While i think it would be quite a show to see Izzy walk down the isle with him, the best person to go with him would be...CHRIS. Mostly because of the flirty stuff on TDA in the prison episode and the finale, and also because I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see who proposes, how they fight over the wedding plans, yadda yadda. Bridget or Heather next, maybe?
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