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for Silver Lives Intertwined

4/13/2015 c9 timothy.nguyen.73
3.2/5rating average good at best...
5/21/2014 c9 EXID
Ooohh thats a lil sad cause this fic isnt moving on... T0T hmmm kinda even like to think about them as couples... .
11/8/2012 c2 5peanutcello
Why haven't you updated lately T_T
7/4/2012 c1 peanutcello
T_T *sobs uncontrollably* NOOOOOOOOOOOO! please don't stop pretty please with sprinkles on top T_T
10/14/2011 c9 3fadedSorrow
you're awesome! :D it's quite heartbreaking that clare cannot review her true identity to teresa and only watch her and little clare...aww! keep writing this is awesome ^^
4/27/2011 c9 7Taeniaea
cool chapter
3/28/2011 c9 silver-eye
WHAT YOUR DONE(NOOOOOO!)well I guess your right it could go on forever.anyways nice job on this story
3/21/2011 c8 minipow
nice work
3/18/2011 c8 OzZeke
nice chapter,wounder whats in store for them next
3/18/2011 c8 faintsmile
just four months of training and clare is already that strong?awsome cant wait to see what clare has up her sleeve this time around.anyway nice work
3/18/2011 c8 silver-eye
I love it, she gets to try again!and even stronger now, keep it up
3/18/2011 c8 Taeniaea
good chapter
3/16/2011 c7 silver-eye
poor clare went through all that and it was for nothing,well at least she got to spend some more time with teresa again.I like your story.keep it up
3/9/2011 c7 1Pairbear
I'm a little confused, but happy that well teresa is kind of alive.
3/7/2011 c7 OzZeke
this is soo cute.I was not expecting clare to be suicidal though.but now she has another chance yay.wounder what will happen next.well anyways nice work and keep it up
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