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for All these Years

5/22/2011 c15 ff-anon-18
5/21/2011 c15 15Notjustanotherperson
Great job, I loved the scene between Rachel and Shelby and when Shelby comforted her! It was beautiful! Poor Rachel, her dads used to ignore her, I hope Shelby will be a better parent!
5/21/2011 c15 21TVHollywoodDiva
great chapter
5/21/2011 c15 romcat
EXCELLENT! Nailed it! Go Shelby, make her feel safe!

5/21/2011 c15 20sillystarshine
great chapter can't wait for more!
5/21/2011 c15 4CoralElizabeth
it was well worth the wait and I can't wait to see more mother daughter interaction between Rachel and Shelby
4/25/2011 c14 ff-anon-18
4/23/2011 c14 100ways
please update soon! and would happen to karofsy and the others? will they get arrested?
4/23/2011 c14 15Notjustanotherperson
Great job, I'm glad Rachel's awake! I can't wait to see what happens when Shelby tells her!
4/23/2011 c14 21TVHollywoodDiva
great chapter
4/23/2011 c14 1pezberryfan88
hay udoing grate longer chapters needed lol update soon
4/23/2011 c14 Dgdehcxd
ah cliffy. please hurry!
4/11/2011 c13 15Notjustanotherperson
Wow. Shelby pregnant with Mr Schue's kid? Wow. Anyway, I can't wait to see the confrontation! Great job so far!
4/10/2011 c13 21TVHollywoodDiva
great chapter
4/10/2011 c13 romcat
Babies! All good. Short can be great, says the Dad!

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