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for The Blue Rose Princess

4/16/2011 c3 2ShoshonaRose
Really great chapter! If Rose is supposed to be super powerful Spirit user, can you make her specialize in all the elements instead, or make Christian her bond-mate? Please update soon and is Lissa still friends with Rose, and how s she popular when her brother isn't?

4/16/2011 c3 Alybaby
I love this story I have been looking for something like this for a long time so please don't leave it on the backburner!
4/16/2011 c3 1loventherussian17
love the story so far cant wait to see what happens next but one thing am still trying to figure out is a how she made that blue flower and the blue fire she made update soon cant wait to see what happens
4/16/2011 c3 4MovedAccounts-NA
I'm so glad you're back on this fanfic! And I loved the chapter!

Update as soon as you can please!

P.s. My vote is for RxD!
4/16/2011 c3 5And Pidgeons Fly354
4/1/2011 c2 1sydney-ivashkov228
oh my gosh i think rose should fall in love with dimitri and that lissa should specialize in a diffrent element oh and by the way i absolutly adore this story


3/21/2011 c2 2ShoshonaRose
Really great story so far but with Lissa and the rest of the Dragomirs, what happened and is she specialized in spirit? If that is what you want her to have then can you have Rose and Christian spar with swords in the gym at St. Vlad's and she cuts him and heals him and the whole student body sees? Please update soon! -Cassie
1/29/2011 c2 vampirebookgirl5
if u dont continue on with this story. i believe i may die. it is that freakin awesome. i hate that the best authors diregard their stories :(
1/27/2011 c1 altariel
i like it..its realy great :)

u asked for opinion..i think dimitri should be her shadow-kiss, but maybe she should fall in love with adrian..i would love to read something different ;) but is ur choice of course..
1/12/2011 c2 farielover23
i really like your story.
12/13/2010 c2 4tayloredfit
I really love this story, and i would love to see rose with Dimitri. as for Lissa i think you should stick with spirit, it's a part of her. I hope to read another chapter very soon, and I have to say this is by far my favorite story i have read on the site so far.
12/10/2010 c2 xoxoJessicaRosexoxo
Amazing! Keep writing.
12/8/2010 c2 21DreamingPoet1988
Interesting start
12/4/2010 c2 Nicole
I know its prob. Going to b r&d

But i reaaaaallly want r&a

Or yu can make. New boy :)

Byy the way loving the story

Update soon!
12/4/2010 c2 Avis Alice
Wow. You are a really good writer! You don't have any real spelling or grammar mistakes, which I think is important to point out. I love how you write! You are really descriptive, which makes everything fun to read. I love your title! Its epic! Your writing is epic! You are an epic writer! I love your story! Oh, and I am a Rose/Dimitri person all the way! Adrian is awesome, but I like Comrade more! And with Lissa being a spirit user, it depends. I think I am fine with her either way. Oh, and will Rose be a spirit user? That would be awesomde!
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