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for The Blue Rose Princess

12/3/2010 c2 ShelbzieSue
I like Dimitri and Adrian as her love interest, Lissa should have a different element just to change it up a bit please update soon
12/3/2010 c2 luvizu
Loving the start!

Definitly this must be Dimitri/Rose. *-* And I think Lissa should specialized in spirit too, maybe she could help Rose. =D

waiting for more!
12/3/2010 c2 RILEYJEAN343
I think Rose should fall in love with Dimitri cause I love them. Also is Rose specializing in spirit? Because if she is then I think Lissa should specialize in something else, maybe air.

Update soon please!
12/2/2010 c2 lisa
Rose and Dimitri definately
12/2/2010 c2 rozaveRnB
I LOVE ITT IT'S A nice story / fan fic can nott wait for MORE

too come and think you should lett lissa be a spirit

User :)

12/2/2010 c2 SAMI.JANE321
this is a great story! keep writing. i think it should be a ummm a a Rose and Dimitri storyy :))
12/2/2010 c2 4MovedAccounts-NA
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lolz!

Fantastic once again! Totally loving your story! I am sooo glad that Dimitris' coming in the next chapter!

It should definently be a Dimitri/Rose story!

I love that Rose knows how to fight! She should try to get into dhampir combat classes at St. Vlad's, that would be cool. It would also be funny if Rose beat the dhampir.

*Question* Is Rose supposed to be the Ozera family princess? Cause' that's what I'm getting from your story title.

Update as soon as you can please, I'm totally looking forward to the next chapter!

~RxD lover forever, always~
12/2/2010 c2 2D. Kelly
Another great chapter and I see Rose falling for Dimitri more than Adrian
12/2/2010 c2 5And Pidgeons Fly354
Lissa should still be a spirit user,

Have Rose fall for Dimitri
12/2/2010 c1 Abc
Are yu goin to update soon cause its been awhile & i want to read! :)
12/1/2010 c1 Cheertastic978
OMG I love this story! And you r only on chapter one :) continue please :)
11/29/2010 c1 Guest
I reaaly like this story
11/29/2010 c1 4tayloredfit
wow! i really like this story, it's very interesting and the writing is really good! i look forward to your next update which i hope is very soon! :)
11/28/2010 c1 5And Pidgeons Fly354
So freaking good update
11/28/2010 c1 7Mizuki-chan Uchiha
I love this! Update soon! Wait, is this an incest story? I really like this story though because its the only christian and rose twin story thats updated!(hopefully) They are twins right? It was an awesome chapter! Update quick,okay!
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