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for Chuck Versus the Chuckless Summer: Beth

9/30/2012 c26 Ox King
No updates? This is such a good story. You even made the Casey romance believable. I hope you pick up the story again.
12/31/2011 c3 Kate
I love this! Any chance of any updates?i think a chapter in Casey's point of view would be simply amazing!:) Love your stories!
5/19/2011 c26 5Dimonah Tralon
Yay for updates and a 5th season of Chuck! Loved both of these chapters! Keep up the great work!
2/15/2011 c24 4retropanda37
Haha, I'm not surprised that she left out the beach scene when talking to Sarah and AJ, although if she'd told them, maybe they could slap some sense into her! But she does seem to be coming around to the idea that Casey could have feelings for her too. I can't wait for the moment when they finally do get together!
2/15/2011 c23 retropanda37
Awwww, so bittersweet. You've got me very invested in what happens between Beth and Casey!
2/15/2011 c22 retropanda37
Okay, I laughed when Beth said Casey growling in his sleep was endearing. And I rather enjoyed their steamy beach moment, haha!
2/14/2011 c24 5Dimonah Tralon
You are so incredibly good at dragging this whole "Beth and Casey finally get together" thing out! I can't wait for them to finally get together! Keep up the great work!
2/14/2011 c23 2JanaEbb
YOU MADE ME SPASM! The swimsuit chapter... hoo boy. If you do not get some major sexual tension in there soon, I shalt whip your asses Texan style! Now, more! And now!
2/13/2011 c23 ACasey
Two chapters in one night! Awesome!

That swimsuit chapter on the beach was.. wow! Them on the beach and John's stars comment was great! They really need to get together!

The last chapter was kind of sad with John opening up like that. Are we going to find out more about who died? ..I have a couple theories haha, but that's just me being too curious. I loved the ending with Beth comforting him too.

Nice job again!
2/13/2011 c21 JanaEbb

I loved it! So much! Please update! Like now!

Sorry if I'm inarticulate, but hell, more. Just more.

2/12/2011 c21 5Dimonah Tralon
I can't wait to see John's reaction either! Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading more!
2/11/2011 c21 ACasey
Ahh, so the title definitely makes sense now! I can't wait to see his reaction to the swim suit now!
2/11/2011 c21 4retropanda37
Oh man, she's gonna give him a heart attack in that bikini! I can't wait :)
2/11/2011 c20 retropanda37
Of course I've played the alphabet game! Although we used to play by just finding the letters and not whole words :)

I think it's funny that Beth is always so surprised by Casey's reaction to things like her hips! And Casey's a streaker-who knew? :P
2/10/2011 c20 5Dimonah Tralon
I can't decide if my favorite part was learning that John went streaking, or when he said "I was the commanding officer"! Great job, as always!
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