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9/10/2011 c2 3GeCe143
please UPDATE ! more blaine and quinn please , xoxo :)
7/22/2011 c2 xXNovemberRainXx
Please update soon, I love your story and its plot :D
7/9/2011 c2 2gleegirl116
Can't wait for the update maybe a longer chapter pwease
3/6/2011 c2 1StarryEyedDancer
simply genius! the plot like is soo good I can't wait for more blaine/quinn moments.

and like you,I'm a major quinn fan and yes,she is always right =D and I was seriously bum when sam dumped quinn...

Update soon!
3/4/2011 c1 BuffyBrennan
Hey I just re read the fic. Im surprised you havent updated in forever! I havent either too much going on. but I think you should add some sam. Maybe he can her her hero and save her from Jesse. I am so upset that Quinn and Sam are over. they were the perfect couple. What is it with the glee guys doing sex with Santana? I hope that they get back together soon and finchel as well. This season has been kinda a let down for me. I was expecting so much more. Anyway hope you update soon and have more ideas. We need more St fabray to take away the lonliness of no Fabrevans and Finchel.
11/29/2010 c1 3magitabrennan
I LOVE this story so far! Sorry I haven't been on is taking most of my time. I really LOVE the quinn/Jesse pairing And I think that this behavior is subtible to him. He would probably do that to any girl he chooses. As for Quinn and Sam can you say PERFECT! keep coming with the chapters. As for my story I am burned out and cannot think of anything more. Feel free to add chapters you think would work. We can do it together if you would like!


Magita Brennan

ps. I am missing my Quill so bad! Do you think you can make more of those as well?

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