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1/26/2015 c27 34lilyvandersteen
I cried buckets of tears during this chapter ... And now they're closing the school? Isn't that an overreaction?
1/26/2015 c26 lilyvandersteen
Oh good heavens! Oh my! This is just ... Wow, I don't even have words ... Reading on ...
1/25/2015 c25 lilyvandersteen
So Adam IS the stalker ... Creepy little guy ...
1/25/2015 c24 lilyvandersteen
The back story is interesting ...
1/25/2015 c23 lilyvandersteen
Is Adam the crazy stalker? And why can't Julian leave?
1/25/2015 c22 lilyvandersteen
Oh, they're both so sad :-( I hope they can sort it out ...
1/25/2015 c21 lilyvandersteen
Chaz is amazing! Cool in the face of fire! Thinking on his feet! Saving the day! Kudos!

Wow, that fight between Klaine and the duet between Blaine and Logan was ugly. *Deep sigh*
1/25/2015 c20 lilyvandersteen
I loved the songs, and I can imagine how Kurt would feel elated and embarrassed to the point of blushing scarlet at the same time ...

Pavarotti's gone? Oh dear ...
1/25/2015 c19 lilyvandersteen
"Who the hell is Alice?" That made me laugh so hard :D It's like that song.

I'm so, so, SO relieved that Shane is alive. And okay. Phew!
1/25/2015 c18 lilyvandersteen
Oh no! Will Shane be alright?

Kurt is more forgiving than I would manage to be ...
1/25/2015 c17 lilyvandersteen
Logan is such a snake, grr!
1/25/2015 c16 lilyvandersteen
Klaine kissed, yay! :-) I hope Shane and Reed get together, too. Reed is adorable, I love him :-)
1/25/2015 c15 lilyvandersteen
Wow, Pure Energy sound good ... And Logan ... It must be hard to be on such heavy medication all the time. What is he, anyway? What's wrong with him that he reacts so violently?
1/24/2015 c1 anime-teddy-bear
I love this I totally ship Shane and Reed! You should really write a fanfic about them!Please contact me if you do!
1/24/2015 c14 lilyvandersteen
A mink coat? Really? Oh my goodness ...

And the twins are quite ridiculously rich ... So stoked about them being in NY!
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