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for A Wizard's Alice

2/8/2013 c1 RisaAzu
Please continue the chappie. I wanna see if draco going to be in it
12/27/2011 c2 13FreezingSapphire
NYA! I love it! Update! Please! :D
10/23/2011 c2 21CDR. Grae
Really good! i love it! i didn't expect to see Hotaru and Ruka there. especially Yuka! update soon! i really can't wait! :))
8/7/2011 c2 shade sakura knight
i love story i will support you and i really hope you update soon
2/10/2011 c2 9IllusionaryMagician
Ehehe! Im curious as to what their alices are! Please continue! I like it! :)
12/20/2010 c2 5missyJuliette
lol, the "...Gakuen Alice...nya.." part was funny..

anyway, there was a part which i didn't quite understand, or maybe it's just me. ^0^

i didn't understand the part from the time they arrived to the last part. sorry, or maybe it's just my mind which has been a whirlwind since some time earlier. please do tell me. i'm interested in your fic and i would like to hear, or rather read, more from you.

keep writing! ^_^
12/20/2010 c1 missyJuliette
hi there.. :)

i have to say your idea for a crossover of these two stories is good. now i'm afraid your fic will be better than mine..^_^; but that's all right. I will congratulate you. :D

i want to say some opinions which might help you. and please take them kindly. i don't intend anything bad to you.

first, i think the prologue is too long. it would discourage some people to read. after all, it IS a prologue.

second, having long chapters is fine as long as you don't lose the reader's attention. if you care to read mine, you'll notice they are short. and i think that's one of my faults. -_-; they are TOO short. :p

but i've only read the prologue so i'll say more after. ^_^

good luck with this and keep up the good job! :D
12/12/2010 c2 6Queen Lucy The Valient
This story is really -well- different then the others that I read but it's still good.
11/30/2010 c1 2angelvan105
wow what a very interesting story! keep it up!

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