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for Rosalie Potter: Being the Slytherin Princess

omg this was an amazing chapter it feels like forever to me since you have updated im so glad you finally did because this chapter was amazing and im happy that there was some lucius in it . plz update soon and it needs to have some lucius in it
1/1/2011 c7 Astrid
Love it! Haha keep writing! :D
12/29/2010 c7 gothic-fairy101
Ohhh! This is soo good! Updte soon plz!
12/27/2010 c7 SammPaglia
a hand and a cold shower. lol. i love it. keep it up!
12/27/2010 c7 Jenna
I love is story. It is so good, great plot. please keep writing
12/26/2010 c7 4Vaughn Tyler
noooooo. she cant be with draco... its just eww.
12/22/2010 c6 gothic-fairy101
Ohhhh! Cliffhsnger! UPDATE SOON!
12/21/2010 c6 1SammPaglia
hhahahahahahahahaha owned. lol. update soon
12/21/2010 c6 4Vaughn Tyler
idiots. really. lol
12/20/2010 c5 gothoc-fairy101
Ohhh! This is really good! Update soon plz!
12/15/2010 c5 1SammPaglia
12/7/2010 c5 4Vaughn Tyler
12/7/2010 c5 harryPotter forever
awesome plot keep going:)
11/29/2010 c1 28SarcasticEnigma
Rosalie sounds like a MarySue. Main reason I say this? The multiple love interests. The idea that she loses her virginity to Snape is kinda nice and yet totally wrong at the same time as Snape loved Lily until his dying day. I realize this is fanfiction, but that is one thing I'm a stickler on, the Snape/Lily love-fest (though I will admit to being guilty to reading the occasional Hermione/Snape lol). I love Lucius so I can't really say I hate the idea of a Lucius/OC. As for the Sirius/Remus/Fenrir thing, I'm not sure. If Rosalie ended up being a Death Eater because of being with Lucius, I could understand the werewolf lover of Fenrir; other than that, it seems pointless. I also love Remus (and hate Remus/Tonks with a passion) so I can't fight on that too much except that it doesn't really make sense. If you go by basic wolf/werewolf mythology, wolves mate for life so you gotta keep one or the other, no both. Also, why would Rosalie be a lover to Fenrir while still in school? Doesn't really make sense. The Lestrange brothers just seem kinda random. All these pairings, it's like you couldn't decide which character you loved best so you fixed Rosalie into each of their lives in a romantic way. The "doe" thing bugs me as well. Just because it automatically connects my mind to Snape and his love for Lily. The Potter-in-Slytherin thing, while not overdone, is a pretty cliche direction to take. I myself am guilty of this as I have a fic idea that I've yet to even type up with a Sirius having a daughter who is a Slytherin. Anyway, while I do like your idea of someone from the past being transported to the future (it's usually the other way around so often, it's nice to see a change), a lot of this really does just come off as a self-insert-Mary-Sue. Don't take this as being mean or anything, just being honest and trying to be helpful so you can get a good story out of it. Hope I helped.
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