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4/18/2017 c1 28Siera-Knightwalker
Hot...! Though I wanted to read about Dino/Xanxus/Tsuna pairing too... That would be delicious..
1/29/2016 c1 LoyalMusicLoverLML35
lots of person we're really...really...REALLY JEALOUS
1/29/2016 c1 LoyalMusicLoverLML35
Omo Im...shocked hahahaha lol
7/7/2014 c1 aakakjjahfa
I dont understand, what do the numbers mean? WHAT DO THEY MEAN?
6/12/2014 c1 otakumi
haha what xD
hibari tops Mu ... YEZ!

first time reading xanxus x tsu
been devoting myself to 182769

1/4/2014 c1 lols
Reborn, you are the world's greatest opportunist
12/15/2013 c1 Guest
1/13/2013 c1 Raging Dreams and Nightmares
i wouldnt put it past them to make bets on tsuna great story im surprised Xanxus can share
4/12/2012 c1 18xXxShiniXKazexXx
10/14/2011 c1 bostafu
lol nice video called XD
10/12/2011 c1 9Frostfire613
Wow, that was hot... I mean real hot lol! Great smelly goodness hahaha! You did a great job on this story
6/10/2011 c1 personaanimegurl
I love tentacle scenes and threesomes! ;-) LOL!
3/21/2011 c1 21Nahwei
Friggen crap, dude! damn! tht was very... delectable. hehe, but whats with th tentacles? lol, ive read a couple already. mukuro, th tentacle abuser! i loved th end. hilarious. awsum, job ;}
3/8/2011 c1 TheOrchid
Hee~ Aw, is somebody jealous..?
3/8/2011 c1 MinniMuffin
This my first read tentacles fanfiction xD

I wish Mukuro would have called me too *q*

The smut was not a fail!

And the end was great. Reborn always wins~
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