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1/3/2011 c1 1113animenurd13
lol XDD i will never look at things that resemble a tentacle the same way ever again... lol
12/19/2010 c1 33FifthDayOfMay
Mukuro you pervert. That was extremely hot though. Nothing like some illusory tentacle rape to get the blood flowing ne Tsuna?
11/30/2010 c1 31violetkisses
hee-hee. really cute! even though im not a fan of 1869.
11/29/2010 c1 14Rhea Carmen
it's great! your smut didn't fail! it was quite a story..
11/29/2010 c1 19ImmerMunter

I was the anon who requested the prompt. xD And your smut didn't fail~~! It was awesome.

Was so not expecting Xanxus and Dino at all. xD
11/29/2010 c1 6Mafia Boss
God ilove you! xD
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