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6/5/2013 c1 random person
Do u like L Lawieet?
2/21/2013 c1 BB
I have a radio show called Ask BB.
Other BB
3/5/2012 c24 Moonlight Myst
Kvetha.(Greetings.) I'm an insomniac. Here are my questions. 1:Would you consider befriending a vegetarian? 2:Why do you like the manga Akazukin Chacha so much? 3:What is your most favorite animal? 4:Would you try peanutbutter-&-strawberry-jam-cake? ~gives BB a slice~ I find it a combination of your, L's, & my personal likings. That is all for my questions for now. Atra esternĂ­ ono thelduin.(May good fortune rule over you.)
3/22/2011 c24 yourworestnightmire
quiting will i'll check out your other fics, k bye
3/20/2011 c5 2Sakura Ichigo Morihiko
Hi BB! Before I ask anything, I just wanna say you are waaaay cooler then any other DN character out there! And yes, strawberry jam is amazing. :) I CAN MAKE HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY JAM! :D

1) How much do you hate Wammy and Roger?*shudders at the stick in the mud's name*

2) Do you like strawberries as well?

3) Is about 10 spoonfuls of sugar too much for tea?(it tastes amazing. Mainly the brown sugar:D)

4) Wanna help me kill my siblings? They think DN is horrible and should not exist! They need to be tortured to death to prove to them that I am pure evil...

5) Wanna help me on my quest to rule the world? You can rule England if you want!(Japan, Canada, and Germany are taken.)

...*darts in, tears switches shirts with you, takes a picture of us together, kisses you, darts off cackling like a madman.*

oh, and before I forget...

6) Is it WRONG to be going insane and wantin to kill every person that pisses you off my torturing them to an inch within death, and then blowing them up with explosives, mainly cefore? Because that's been happening alot to mw lately...

And for you! *shoves giant jar of homemade strawberry jam, extra sugar, in your hands. Along with a new pack of butcher knives. And you fav brand of jeans and black shirts IN YOUR SIZE.* yeah. I'm a creepy, awesome stalker.

But I only stalk awesome people. I'm not a Carly.

Carly fucking stalks my teacher! WHO IS A GIRL, BTW!

And the new and improved devil face! 3:)

... The arrow doesn't work on fanfic. I, personally, like 3:) better. It looks like horns!

*kisses you again, gives you address and phone number* Use my place as a hideout if you need to!
3/20/2011 c24 14bittersweet-endings-2214
I tootally understand. I've actually been wanting to cut mine off, too, but it's a source of inspiration, and I need all of that I can get. XD Good luck with your other stories!
3/20/2011 c24 11xXEmmetteXx
**last words** Awwwwwwwwwwwwww okay. **sad face** Looking back, Trix did act like a depressed, murderous five year old, I'll givve you that. And I totally know that there's like, A BAJILLION other Ask BB! fics. Go you, for making it this far without a review from someone from "critics united", the bitchiest bunch of funkillers out there. **highfive**
3/19/2011 c24 DNFangirl
:C I'm very sorry for 'copying', as your friend said... I just love the idea of an "Ask BB" story, so one day I just wrote up and posted it, and I said you INSPIRED ME. I did not MEAN to 'copy', alright? You just INSPIRED me. Oh, and, your friend said your.. violent... O.O I don't really get why she would threaten me like that, though... -.-' VERY SORRY IF I MADE YOU MAD! BTW- I really love this story, and I am sad you will be quiting... :C But I will continue to read your other stories!


3/19/2011 c24 6xXAnime4LifeXx
grrr how dare u discontinue! If it wasnt 4 light killing u I would... never mind *takes out a b plushie, goes into room, laughs evily*

oh i still love u :D
3/19/2011 c24 Bellatrix
Sorry, this character is just annoying. X3 Sorry if I took it too far.
3/19/2011 c3 4DNfangirl
Hello, dont count this as a review! I have no other way of telling you this, I may get kicked off fanfiction. FOREVER. :C Sadly, my laptop broke, so I used my dad's to post chapter 2 of "Soul Eater Truth or dare". I was trying to do chapter 2 of "DN:Untold" when he came back from a party with my mom. He slapped me, and so, im here, typing this on my DSI... -.-' This sucks... and I had to tell him my FF everything I wrote, and my accont, may be deleted FOREVER. :C ...I just REALLY needed to tell someone... well, ...bye...

3/18/2011 c3 Overshadowed Medallion
Finding questions that other people haven't asked will be hard... So I attempt the challenge. Here are mine:

Why STRAWBERRY jam? Like, why not grape or blackberry or...i dont know, just some other kind? just slipped away. T.T never mind.

a question I would like answered (not that anyone CAN answer it...) is y do i like you so much when u look like L (only w/ red eyes, as we all kno) and everything when i hate L so much?
3/16/2011 c23 88HugsandBugsSmileyface

1. Why have you not killed that nasty bitch for me? She still breathes...

2. Please kill her soon. She's retarted.

3. Seriously. She thought H2O was Soap.

4. She has even threatened to cut off my friends dick and mount it on her wall so she can suck it every morning. Stupid piece of shit.

3/13/2011 c23 yourworstnightmire
i'm bored so i'm posting again, got a problem with that "pulls out bag of mini nukes" and this isn't your dream this time

1"hands bag of thrown up strawberry jam" my dog threw up the jelly

2 do you like sponge cakes?


4 L is after bb or whatever is writing a fanfic in which u make out with L, its called my lawllypop

5 by the way bellorus and beyond bellorus are still at it, fighting that is.

6 am i allowed to review twice in a sesdion?

7u never answered that one dudes question about the "to kill" list thing

8 do you make your victems eat jam before you kill them?

9 do u skip questions on purpose

10 wheres the place you dispose the dead bodies, i have some i brought with me that i would like to dispose of

Peace, "dissapears leaving a jar of grape jelly with a note saying that grape jelly is better"
3/10/2011 c23 yourworstnightmire
hi again and y does a murder watch hetialia or watever, you know wat i mean. "throws pasta at face"

1 K bellarux/ivans little sister should be right about killing bellatrixbirthday right now, do u think that i went to far

2 what type of toothpaste do u use

3 kolkolkolkollolkolkolkolkol

4 do u like to kol at random people?

5have you seen that one hetalia movie that white blobstry to take earth over and they are amused with Alfred`s casinos

6 YOU REFERRED TO SHERLOCK HOLMES,you should read spider web sherlock/hetalia crossover very good

7 k ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

8 if you were a state in America, which one would u be, i would be pennsulvany

9 I almost forgot that i got you jelly, buuuuuuuuuut my dog ate and you don't want to get my dog angrey

10 how often do u update

11when was the last time you showered?

12 can i post two things in one chapter?

13 if u died,who would take your place

14 i think this my largest review i've done so far

15 what do u do to a teacher who you don't have homework done yet?

16"coughes in face" ... kolkolkolkolkolkolkol

17 which hetalia character do you think you would be, my bet is on ivan and bellarus.

18 can you hack other peoples memory?

19 do you think im a boy or a girl,i won't confirm this

20i think i would be most like umm, ummm what was that one dude "Canada appears in room" matt says MY NAME IS MATT"Canada dissapears" I think it starts with an m

anyways, i wonder who won, bellerusbirthday or ivans sister? by the way your sleeping but what i say is from my lips exactly, peace
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