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12/15/2010 c10 4DNfangirl
( I REALLY need to change my username) Hi! Oh, L dies in ma' book, cuz you break into L's H.Q and punch him SUPERR HARDD so then L gets knocked out. And Terra stabs him in the back! :D Lol, Anywayyss… QS! 1.My I.Q is 199! And i'm 11! XD Whats your I.Q? 2.Whats your favorite movie? 3.The author of this FanFiction pairs you and L! She thinks that BBXL is COOOOLL! Can I kill her?^^ 4.I ran out of jam and chocolate! HOLY CRAPOLA! 5.Want some chocolate flavored pocky™? 6.I think that chesse is evil! DIEE YOU FUCKING HOMOSEXAUL CHESSSEEEE! =_=° 7.TASTE THE FUCKING RAINBOW! *Throws 40000 bags of skilltez at you* 8.My BFF said L is better then you! Yeah right! 9. Do you relize MOST of these were not even Qs? Lol. 10.SHARING IS CARING! 11.I can fly mommy! I can really fly! :D 12.My person in 'Tony Hawk: Underground 2' looks like you! Lol! Skateboarding BB! XD 13. A police came to my school and asked us if killingnis GOOD [YES IT IS!] or bad.. I said "WAFFLES AND TACOS EAT JAM! CHESSE AND COWS ARE EVILLLL! I LIKE BLUE-CHESS-DIEE CHESEEE!" :D True story! I got in SOOOOOOOO much trouble! Bye! ~T×BB=LOVE!~
12/15/2010 c10 16Doctor Pharma
Hi BB! I finished your book last night! It was sooooo good! I loved it! ^_^ I figured out the second clue before it was reveiled like I did with the first one, after two letters I was like 'Oh, it spells her name.' I wish I could find out what my IQ is...anyways.

1. Do you ever feel guilty for killing Quarter Queen? Since she was so young?

2. I heard you like Emilie Autumn (Me too! =D) What's your favorite song by her? Mine is Rose Red.

3. Have you ever heard of a band called The Birthday Massacre? If you haven't you should listen to their songs 'Midnight' and 'Pins and Needles' in that order.

4. Have you ever heard of a book series called the Demonata by Darren Shan? I think you would like it, cause it's so gorey. =)

5. Got a favorite video game?

6. Got any role models?

7. Can you kidnap Near for me? Please? I wanna give him a hug! (And don't hurt him please.) I'll pay you in jam! ^o^

Personally, I think you should have been in the manga and the anime, that would have been so FREAKING sweet! So yeah...I'll give you three truckloads of strawberry jam for you to kidnap Near for me, unharmed. Thank you! ^_^
12/15/2010 c10 13DarkHeartsMilitary
OOPSIE! *shakes you* ARE YOU OK! I'M SO SORRY!


2) Have some jam to say sorry. *gives a 120 W+L fridge filled with jam*

3) *takes off black sunglasses to reveal Shinigami eyes* Weren't expecting that were you?

4) Try and guess my REAL name. *smirk*



Mkay. BYE BYE! *flies away*
12/15/2010 c10 14Maeverick
I changed it! :) I am sorry for all the missed numbers and bad grammar on my last asking session, I was typing on a very old keyboard, and it messed things up... And yes, lack of legal ways to deal with such people is the problem for me as well... Now for questions!

1. After 13, what number is your favorite?

2. Which brand of strawberry jam is the best?

3. Do you like normal strawberries as well, or just the jam?

4. Was Roger working at Wammy's when you were there?

5. Is he as mean as he sounds?

6. Did you ever know your parents, or did they die when you were too small?

7. Do you have one of the gothic font things like L and Kira do for their names?

8. Did you stalk L to learn about his mannerisms?

9. Do you usually stalk people?

10. Do you ever read fanfiction about yourself?

11. What about fanfiction about other characters?

12. Have you seen/read Full Metal Alchemist?

13. Where did you live before you went to Wammys?

The End! Thanks for answering my questions


BeyondBirthdayLover (I was LawlietLover)
12/15/2010 c10 BB Blitz
Hey, i'm back and guess what I got your book!

i'm happy now.

anyway question time!

1) Do you have OCD?

2) I'm wanna paint a picture of you on a canvas but I wanna ask you, what should be happening in the picture of you?

3) Do you know who you got your eyes from?

4) what were your family like (sorry if it's too personal then you don't have to tell me)

5) What was A like when he was alive?

Here you can have some jam as a reward for putting up with me (gives ya 5 jars of jam) ^.^

And that's it for now dude!
12/14/2010 c9 11LittleMissSeashell
sry, BB! Plz forgive me! during my last review I forgot to give you these! *gives you an ammount of strawberry jam as big as my house* enjoy to your hearts content! Me, I perfer grape because for some reason I can never get the strawberry open! D: *tries to open some of my strawberry jam* DAMMIT!

I was thinking... and you need successors... FUCK ME! PLZ!

*kills person who said anime in general and especially you is weird* :) feel slightly more satisfied!

your potential partner,


PS:My fair Lord Birthday, may I have the pleasure of assisting you?

Supposed to say:Yes, you may. Lets go off to thy neighbors and commit murder!

12/14/2010 c10 LittleMissSeashell
BB! Hai! I luv u! I'm not that rabid, though. My list of favorites;

1.L/BB (tied X_X)

2. Mello/Matt

3. Near

4. ... I dunno, Watari? he looked pretty badass in that black (course not Near(pun intended XD)ly as badass as you!

I know that your dead T-T so I decided to take action!

*somehow manages to revive you but you're in that jail in LA*

Damnit! *has someone drive me to LA since I don't live that far and breaks you out*

I wan't to go with you! Let me help you murder people! I'll do exactly what you say, your every whim! I'm also smart (approx IQ of 156) and will help you clean up after :3 I also suggest wearing gloves due to fingerprint scanners.

Can I be your sex slave? :3

*goes to kill people by your side*

BTW can we kill a couple people that go to my school? Everyone thinks I'm crazy for liking you T-T and strangely they also think that about liking L, Matt, Mello, and ALL OF ANIME IN GENERAL! TT_TT Plz, can we kill them?

Your now-partner,

BB2 (my actual Wammy alias is Manx, my middle name starts with M which is irrelevant to Kira)

Lets go murdering! HUZZAH! (I'm also a fan of the mideval ages where bloody murder was daily :3 and was also the time of feaudalism)
12/14/2010 c10 14bittersweet-endings-2214
1. On the topic of #4 on my last review, how old do you mean by "small"?

2. *licks your face* VICTORY!

3. Why does your face taste like lasagna and cat fur?

4. What toothpaste do you use?

5. What's the most painful thing you have ever experienced?

6. *trying not to rape*

7. *fails miserably*

8. Do you have ADHD? (I do!)

9. What's the worst nightmare you have ever had?

10. Do you like waffles?

11. How was the asylum?

12. You love L. -How did you react to that statement?

13. I can't take it any more! My fangirlness is taking over! *glomp of eventual rape- ahem- doom*

14. ...Where did this photo of you in a Lolita dress come from?

Bai bai Beyond! Talk to you soon! *circus cartwheels away*
12/14/2010 c10 12Marvelmiserable
Hi Beyond!

1. Here! It's strawberry jam :D And you will not get fat! Because your brain is awesome.

2. I like death metal too, mostly because the word "Death" is in it :D

3. Mello. L. Near; Pick one to date, one to mate and one to rape.

4. I have cuts on my arm so it looks like a B. Are you proud of me? :c



7. I love you ;D
12/14/2010 c10 MiisaAmane
I don't remember my FF password so...-.- whatever xD..

Oooh God...i have many things to ask you oh so great BB! Like...

1) How the hell did u do to make me love you instead of Light! I mean...damn i was supposed to be that asshole's bitch (Light) forever...but i'm tired of him -.- he's not a real killer like u BB~ jiji...and honestly u're so freaking hot xD

2)What do you think that could have happened if you havn't die...and you were one of the main characters in the anime/manga...what would be your rolle in the story and how it could have ended with you in it n.n i'm very curious...

3)I know you think i'm pretty but...u.u what no one knows is that i want to be regonized for others things..not just for my beauty u.u what do you really think of me?(Misa) :D

4)I hate near e.e...not for catching Light...i just don't like him...kill him..PLEASEE~~ *puppy eyes*

5)I think you are the best murder ever!and u're my fav in DN../

6)B..wanna be my boyfriend...just for today?pleasee..!

7)You know...everybody is giving you to many love jam but -.- yeah u're gonna get fat xD *hands you an excersice machine* :D *and some chocolate* just wanna make you happy u/u...

8)*jumps into your arms and kiss u* sorry xD i wanted to do that so badly ;D

9)Anyway...*shinigami eyes on (xDD)* i think our eyes look amazing (;

BB ROCKS!yeah!xD and f*ck you Light! I PREFER B!xD

Byee sexy!
12/14/2010 c10 2TheOneAndOnlySuccessor
Haaaaaiiii! I suppose i must be getting annoying but...

*Gives a hug* You smell like strawberrys! Is that the kind of shampoo you use? :D

*walks out in a very sexy dress* What do you think? :3

If Light Yagami attempted to rape me would you kill him?

What do you think of all the yaoi fanfics of you and L? Or in general? I for one hate them *pouts*

*Pokes you* hehe...

What would you say if i had a jar of strawberry jam in my back pocket right now?

Matt: Ok thats enough... Give him a break *grabs onto me and looks at you* Im sorry... Shes had sugar lately... Ok Crystal lets go...

Me: But i dun wanna!

Matt: Lets go! *Takes me away*
12/14/2010 c2 4DNfangirl
Hi Beyond! I killed L in ma` book! :D Heh, Anyways, TIME FOR Q&A! C: 1. Do you like chocolate? 2.Are you sick of people pairing you with L and such? I am. 3.Whats your favorite band? 4.Heres 400000000000000000000 jars of jam! :P 5.My band wrote a song about you! It is called "The Killer Of L" Its REALLLLYYY GREATTT! The other songs are about Mello, Near, etc. :D 6.Would you ever kiss L? xD SORRY, I know your not gay, but I wanted to embrass you there. 7.What would you do with a tazer, a chainsaw, a flamethrower, a knife, a MK47, a tank, and a bag of skittlez? Oh! And Light, L, and me are in the room?
12/14/2010 c9 16Doctor Pharma
Hi BB! I'm back again! Guess what! I got your boooooook! I haven't finished it yet (Mainly because at school we have to do stupid stuff like 'Financial Lit., Biodiversity, and math')

The part where Misora first saw you eat your jam cracked me up, it was too funny. Oh! And when she was looking at the first body and found the clues on his body I thought 'Oh, those are Roman Numerals' and I was right! ^_^

Oh yeah...questions. Ummmmm...

1. What do you think of Jack the Ripper?

2. What do you think of Elizabeth Bathory?

3. What to you think of Bram Stroker?

4. What do you think of Mary Shelly?


5. What do you think of Justin Beiber?

*Drags a backpack full of jam over to him and sets it next to him.* Here you go! *Quickly gives him a big hug then runs away with a grin.* ^_^
12/13/2010 c9 Bittersweet-endings2214
Crap! Question repeat! Grrr!
12/13/2010 c9 14bittersweet-endings-2214
Hallo, Beyond! *kisses him roughly on the lips* you don't wanna know how long I've wanted to do that!

1. Can I have a hug?

2. Here's some strawberry jam

3. Are you a virgin? (That was awkward to type)

4. Do you wet the BED?

5. When was the last time you cried?

6. Why did you cry?

7. Was it L? I swear if it was him I'll murder him.

8. What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

That's all, bai bai!
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