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11/30/2010 c1 12LeahKeehl13
Hi BB!

1. What do u think of L?

2. How bout near

3. Why are u such a creeper? Jk

4. Do u h8 Kira?

Okays... Done :D ur awesome...
11/30/2010 c3 K
Hello Beyond. How are you? (BB: pretty good-) I wasn't talking to you! Anyhow, 1) are there evil copycats of you that are those weird voices in my head?
11/30/2010 c3 L lover
Hello, BB! You are super smart, and cute, plus, i sorta look like you too! Anyways, 1. What do u think about L? 2. How old are you? 3. How did you become a killer? 4.What do you think about L? Do you like-like him, or wanna kill him, cuz in the BB murder case book, you hate him. 5. My brother says you suck!He says L could kill you! so can u fight L so I can say I WAS RIGHT![:
11/30/2010 c3 2TheOneAndOnlySuccessor
Oh its okay! Im okay with a bitten cookie! :D and what do u mean it depends? Im nice, and not rabid like some fangirls out there...

Oh i have more questions!

Do you think yaoi is gross?

Whats ur favorite brand of knife?

Are u proud of ur shinigami eyes?
11/30/2010 c2 thesinofawesomeness
BB YOUR ALSOME(yes i know alsome is mis spelled i just like to spell it that way)

1 have you seen the BBxnear (i lvrs them)

2have you seen the pic with u and L in a maid outfit when did that happen

3 can i have you can hide under my bedXD

4 why am i/girls sooooo in lvrs with you

5 can you kill my sister

Thats all
11/30/2010 c2 8UnmercyfulDeath
B! D: you won't be my slave? dran, and i thought i was so close to haveing you as my slave T.T


1: what is your opinion on the BxMisora pairing?

2: do you think you'd look epic as a dragon?

3: preferable pet?

4: your thoughts on Kira?

5: most unique way to kill someone?

6: what would you do if you were handcuffed to L like Light/Ratio was?

7: can you give the readers a riddle to attempt to figure out? i love riddles. i like the number 13 too. D: i don't know which i love more!

8: uhhhhh . carp, question 8 ran away...*gives jam instead* ^^;;

11/29/2010 c2 BB Blitz

Ok anyway,

1) I know I am slowly going insane, any tips on anything to do with that subject?

2) Can you tell me your IQ i'm curious? (mine is 163, i'm thirteen)

3) I need a hug, can I have a hug?

4) have you ever met Light?

5) whats it like to have Shinigami eyes?

That's it! thanks!
11/29/2010 c2 2TheOneAndOnlySuccessor

Wud it be ok if i owned you? :3

Do u hate Light Yagami? (I do...)

Why are completely awesome?

Can i have a cookie?
11/29/2010 c1 4DNfangirl
Can you give me a hug and give L a hug too?
11/29/2010 c1 4Canned Brilliance

What is your favorite way of murdering people? I know the good, and usual ways, like taking their heart out, or dismembering them, but I'm going to try and follow in your footsteps. Any good ideas for me?

11/29/2010 c1 16anonymousXandrogynous
BB! hai! :3

okay, so:

1.) are you seceretly a vampire?

2.) does eating so much jam bad for your health?

3.) do you have a crush on L?

4.) what our your thoughts on unicorns?

and 5.) who's prettier, Misa or Naomi?

thanks for your time :)
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