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3/10/2011 c23 11xXEmmetteXx
Wow. I actually logged in this time! Go me.

Thanks for dealing with my somewhat very annoying questions.

1: I am currently investigating things that begin with the letter M. Help?

2: I tried to use the torture method you told me, but apparently I missed something with I was searching them for weapons, because the bastard threw a freaking TIDE BLEACH PEN into my eye(ACTUALLY HAPPENED) And now I can't fucking see out of one eye. Sadness.

3: Do you think you were careless with the murders in LA?

4: Your thoughts on blueberry jam?

**throws jam at your face** Peace out girl scout.


P.S: Hairspray and a lighter(You click the lighter while spraying the hairspray and FWOOSH!) or a real flamethrower?
3/8/2011 c23 chaos
yay! kill him nao!

sorry bb-sama but your at second place in my book. however, kyo was replace wif...face mask guy! =} (from naruto)

1. wats ur opinio of the akatsuki?

2. fave from cell 7?

3. opinion on cheese?

4. i say kakashi you say...

5. i say itachi you say...

6. i say blood you say...

7. i say kyon you say...

8. i say cat you say...

oh and that wuz not funny! *kidnaps bb*


wtf is up with bellatrix birthday?

*attacks bellatrix birthday and screams "stop being so annoying!"*

she died...

3/7/2011 c23 pariahplanet
Hi again...i guess. seems that someone commented on this. must have been that stupid policeman Matsuda. :/ well, whatever.'s some jam!

ok now for some questions...

1. a lot of people are conflicted between if you're L's brother or backu- SORRY! i meant to say supasser. O_o

2. who do you think is more annoying? Misa, Matsuda, or Mikami? wow, they all start with Ms...

3. which is harder to do? the Haruhi dance or the Lucky Star dance?

4. who were you rooting to catch Kira? Near or Mello?

5. why are there no doushinjis of you? i must investigate...

6. have you heard Vampire by Janne de Arc?

and finally 7. how come all of these people are accusing you of being a rapist? i thought you were innocent on those charges!

well whatever. Tell me if Matsuda leaves anymore messages like the one before this. :/ well, Janne! Oh! and one more thing...Jam cookies! hehehe!
3/7/2011 c23 10toraffles
Oh puh-lease. Sasuke? Awesome? Che.

The only 'awesome' thing about Sasuke is his looks. Any and all things good ends there.

First, he has no sense of what others might be feeling. (Yeah sure, you wanna get power wanna kill your brother, yadada. Have you even thought about what Kakashi and Naruto and Sakura will go through just because of your crack-headed plan?)

Second, he's stupid. (Going off to join Orochimaru? Not even thinking about how weird it is for your wonderful older brother to kill everyone out of no where?)

Third, he has the emotional capacities of several lumps of coal, including the dust. (Coal dust can mindlessly kill people in a very painful manner. Sound familiar?)

Fourth, he can only think of himself. (Killing your brother, blahblahblah, done yet? Now, you notice those half dead people trying their best to follow you? Yeah, those are your teammates.)


Sixth, emo much? It's gets too repetitive after a while. (A while=10 seconds. Can't you stop being emo for more than 2 minutes? Or at least be emo about some else?)

I could write so much more about this topic, but it's late and tomorrow's a Monday. ;'(

[All brackets are directed towards an (imaginary) Sasuke.]
3/6/2011 c23 5TophSenpai
Ohayyooo. B-day

I just wanted to know what you thought of this video


that's it :3

*squeals* I love GD!

oh and have you heard of bigbang before? :o and if so what do you think of them?
3/6/2011 c23 4DNfangirl
Hello mental bloody murderer! :D

1.I googled (on map) Beyond Birthdays house, and it said you live in Mexico...

2.Have you ever had a girlfriend?

3.WHO almost raped you?

4.Have you ever been high?

5.Have you ever eaten blood, thinking it was jam?

6. Do you like the Zoo?

7. Do you like the mall?

8.I had a dream that you jumped off a 90 foot building into a floor of spikes/blood...HEEHEE! :D

9.My guideness consular at school says I need to trust people more, be nicer, and make more friends. YAH RIGHT!

Bye! -J
3/6/2011 c23 Bellatrix


Ninjas are pretty cool, huh?

Why do you hate me enough to pay Helltank to kill me?

I'm sorry that I annoy you so much.

I'll try to be less annoying.
3/6/2011 c23 Lina
1. I know. I'm just playing.

2. Shouldn't this Helltank...dude...or whoever he is KNOW we're living w/ u? I mean, come on! We've moved in with you CHAPTERS ago!
2/22/2011 c22 Maxy yet a fucking gain
I GOT SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR NOT DOING ANYTHING! Stupid schools thinking I was writing some douche's names in a death note. Psh, if I were gonna kill someone I'd at least flay them! Honest to god, my school thinks that I'm Lightbulb Imagay. Thoughts or comments on that BB? No? K.

**stalks off angrily**
2/21/2011 c22 Maxy PandaChanTheFirst
**attempts to strike match on your face** DAMMIT I WAS LIED TO! This is a strike-anywhere match! BB make fire? PLEASE? Also, torture methods? Some a-hole freaking kidnapped my victim, killed them, and now I want revenge. Thanks.

Fuck peace, WAR,

Maxy the Sadist.

P.S: Which is better? Knives or bullets?
2/12/2011 c22 Bellatrix Birthday

*Hands jam*

Writes, "you said that you would accept me if I shut up. Is this good?"

*all of the below is written*

Where's your favorite place to travel?

Do you like dragons?

Are you on team pirate or team ninja? I have my money on the ninjas. O_o

Do you belive in vampires?

On the bus, this girl was hugging some guy, but then the bus hit a bump and the girl's leg shot up and she accedentaly kneed the guy in the crotch.

*waves and leaves*
2/9/2011 c22 3Maryritai
(*Grins evilly and happily* Hey LIABB , Nice to see you again ^.^. Now... To Torment another victim, mwhahaa. JK but His appearance still creeps me out sometimes.)

Hi Beyond Birthday

1: You do you realize, Pansexual and Gay is not the same thing. Pansexual means you like both sexes while Gay means you like the same sex. And Bi means you don't wanna get in a relationship with the opposite Sex.

2:Actually respect you as a red-eyed color blind person. (LIABB. Can someone actually only see Red in the color spectrum?, Cause I am a Mature 12 year old)

3: But your like My 3rd fav charrie, Cause your serial killer like appearance still creeps me out a bit but your cool :D. I actually like Light but I still hold a grudge against him, cause he like, killed L.

That's all, Nice to meet ya Beyond Birthday.
2/8/2011 c22 J birthday
THIS WILL BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE, B.B! Lolz. Just kidding. Oh, on my profile, imade my 1st story. Well, my brother wrote and posted it. L shoots you with a RPG gun, LOLZ! XP But Light dies heehee... 1.Thanks for admitting ur gay! :D

2.How would you kill L with a box of oatmeal, 3 cookies, 5 jam filled donuts, and 9 live polar bears? Lol :p

3.I found a song called "Pour some suger on me"...O.o...Listen 2, BBXL...heehee...

4.B.B, my friend Linda thinks your a perv, are you?

5.Can you kill my com. arts teacher, cuz she said I can't write a letter to you cuz your a murder and your not real. TCH!

6.Can you sing the song "Blood" by my chemical romance? Its creepy...O.O

7.I stole ALL of L's cake! HEEHEE!

8.You know, they have a B.BXLIGHT yoai...O.o I hate it..

9.Have you ever been raped? :D

10.Wat do you think of bacon?

11.Ima make you cry! :D ...umm...oh! No one loves you. Mello says you suck. GET OVER IT.

12.SOOOOORRRRRYYYYY! ...I just wanted to see u cry, dangit...

2/7/2011 c22 yourworstnightmire
im bored so i thought up of random questions and i got you some jam but i got hungrey and ate it.

1 what`s your favorite way to kill?

2 i can get rid of belletrix birthday for u-you "pulls out mini nuke" but it will cost you and you won`t be tied to it, trust me i know what to do.

3 do u like pasta

4 is there a question limit?

5 do you take a shower or bath

6 have u ever watched hetalia?

7 wheres the bathroom?

thats it and i still think ur killing tatics are lame, and while i'm at it, i never ate the jam "runs away laughing"
2/7/2011 c22 13DarkHeartsMilitary

Give me more loving than I’ve ever had

Make me feel better when I’m feeling sad

Tell me I’m special even though I know I’m not

Make me feel good when I hurt so bad

Barely getting mad

I’m so glad I found you

I love being around you

You make it easy

Its as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4

There’s only one thing

To Do

Three words

For you

(I love you) I love you

There’s only one way to say

Those three words

That’s what I’ll do

(I love you) I love you

Give me more loving from the very start

Piece me back together when I fall apart

Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends

Make me feel good when I hurt so bad

You’re the best that I’ve had

And I’m so glad I found you

I love being around you

You make it easy

It’s easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4

There’s only one thing

To Do

Three words

For you

(I love you) I love you

There’s only one way to say

Those three words

That’s what I’ll do

(I love you) I love you

(I love you) I love you

You make it easy

It’s easy as 1 2 1 2 3 4

There’s only one thing

To Do

Three words

For you

(I love you) I love you

There’s only one way to say

Those three words

That’s what I’ll do

(I love you) I love you

(I love you) I love you


I love you

(I love you) I love you

Yeah I'm still a fan. &hearts

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