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2/7/2011 c22 2XxYourDeadAsMuchAsIAmxX
Oh wow! ^.^ I've watched Saw the final chapter, they had some great killing methods, but yer better then that person who comes up with the "methods of killing" the thing started off gory right away... -shivers and snuggles up to you-
2/7/2011 c22 3Helltank
Dear BB, I have made good progress in the slaying of the fangirls. I'm currently tracking down Lina and Bellatrix Birthday to their secret hideout.

Here is a hard crime that you have to solve-wait a minute, that's too boring. Let's try...

You have to kill someone called X. X has full kevlar armor and some form of way to hide his lifeline so you can't just wait until his time is up. He lives in a heavily guarded underground bunker with a self destruct function and a lot of landmines. It's reinforced all over by 25 meters of titanium. There are at any one second, at least 10 heavily armed, elite soldiers completely loyal to him with both eyes on him. There are security devices, unhackable ones, everywhere. How do you kill X with nothing but a garrote and a quadruple bladed uber powerful katana?

(This should be fun.)
2/7/2011 c22 12Marvelmiserable
Hi again Beyond!

Can i call you Beyond-sama? :3

I just read "The los angeles BB murder case" :D IT WAS AWESOME!

1. Wich laugh is your favorite? :3

2. Is A for Apple or Acid?

3. Who is the most intelligent, L or Ligt? (DIE LIGHT DIE!)

4. If you could pick a Era you would live in, wich one would you pick?

5. Do you know what Xyster means?

6. Today, i am cosplayin you and my friend cosplays Mello. Would i be OOC if i raped her?

7. can you speak Swedish? Jag kan. Ifall du inte kan förstår du inte det här.

8. Here is a life time supply of Strawberry jam. *gives*
2/6/2011 c22 BeyondEp
Hello ^^

thanks for bein awesome XD

Oh btw, I checked out emilie autumn cause you kept saying how awesome she is and she is amazing! So thanks :D and I finally got to try jam by itself the other day and it was pretty good ^^ in small amounts :)

1. Why didnt you try to escape jail? I'm sure you easily could have and you wouldn't have died DX

2. Do you sneak food into movie theaters? If so what kind? :3

3. I think you should admit your love to L :3 dont deny the love you feel! X3

Here have some chocolate covered strawberries since you always get jam *hands over plate*

Have a good day :) *hugs*
2/6/2011 c22 14bittersweet-endings-2214
Hallo, BB-chaan!~ -glomp-

1. Can you draw?

2. Gimme a piggyback ride! (It should be easy, I only weigh 80 pounds)

3. Would you like some tea?

4. Have you ever seen Fair Haired Child? Pretty good for a low budget horror flick. :)

5. Have you ever listened to Lemon Demon? I lav that band so much, especially This Hyper World and Word Disassociation.

6. If L gave you the cutest begging face in the world, would you agree to let him be top?

7. JAM FOR YOUUU!~ I see why you love it so much! :3

8. How would you react on a rollercoaster? How would L?

9. How would you react to watching all of the SAW movies back to back in 3D? How would L?

10. Pay no heed to prison jumpsuit I'm wearing... Or the bloody knife in my pocket... Or the broken handcuffs on m wrists... -whistles-
2/6/2011 c22 10toraffles
... I dun like Sasuke. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Like, a whole freaking bunch.

Yeah, actually, I hate him. But each to their own! :D


BB... You work at Hot Topic? I think you're lying to me. Are you lying to me? /stares very suspiciously/
2/6/2011 c22 Bellatrix

Merry unbelivably late Cristmas. *gives switchblade* Sorry about how late it is, I had to save up.

Why has Helltank been following me with sharp objects every time I leave the house? It's really creepy.

I miss mom...

2/6/2011 c22 pariahplanet
Hi BB. I am aware of your progress to kill L. I am working on a case with him and i will email you our location for a price. ^_^ anyways,

1) what was it like at whammy's and what happened to you to be put in there.

2) i like jam...but i prefer jelly. sorry. what is your opionion of jelly? u probably hate it because of the surgar right? Hmph.

3) twelve year old with a 198 IQ is normal? (bad grammar sorry. L is trying to take my jelly.) -it is not my falt usami-kun!- L

4) which knife? switchblade or butcher?

5) misa is driving me insane but i don't want to kill her yet because of my cover. any ideas?

and finally

6) what will the price be for our location with L?

he keeps talking about how he is keeping a tail on you. also, he bugged your safe house. i think it would be best for you to leave. and yes, it is your Sacramento one. good luck with killing L. in the meantime, i will get rid of light. good day Beyond Birthday. *smirk*
2/6/2011 c22 2SheLovesBBLFlippy
B hehe hey I have a secret, but you might get mad if I tell you... well I'll tell you anyway x3

*dramatic music*

Cookiemonster and MiisaAmane the same person and this is the MiisaAmane account from which I could not remember the password!

YEIH this is Miisa XD

well maybe you already knew that e.e (the stuff of Cookie & Miisa) Please don't be angry with mee D:

I promisse I have a very good explanation XDD

Am...I love Cookiemonster, it's like nasty side haha xP and

like it or not Cookie will follow you for life and will continue licking your f*cking delicious eyes yeah!XD

Anyway thanks for your patience XD

sometimes I'm like a stone in the shoe D:

So now to the questions n.n

1)I'm fine now.and sorry for the drama of the last time XDD I fixed everything with my ex and now we are friends

I was lying I could never stop loving you BB XD you're so awesomee x3

2)What's your worst fear?
2/6/2011 c22 Lina
So...wait. I'm NOT A single mom? Aw, BB, you DO CARE! I didn't know we got married. Wait. When did this happen?
2/5/2011 c21 SheLovesBBLFlippy
OMG...I have don't have any question for now...but PLEAAASEEE UPDATEEE!D:
1/27/2011 c21 BeyondEp

I've never reviewed before and I was too lazy to sign in but I've followed along and I'd like to say to the author that you are doing an AWESOME job!

Anyway.. B I love you!

Q1: Have you ever looked at the Zodiac killers messages to the police and do you think you could figure out the unsolved ones?

Q2: What hair colors are your favorite on males and females?

Q3: Can I have a hug?

Thank you for your time! *hands jam* ttyl!
1/23/2011 c21 MiisaAmane
I'm sorry...

I'm really sorry T^T..all i did was for you,B...I never wanted to bother you, trust me I really loved u..but's're just like Light, no,worst because you killed me, somehow you did T^T I wont be able to love anyone else, i left half of my heart with you B...but i promise I'll learn how to stop loving you u.u

All men are the same

TT^TT...i'm heartbroken..

(I'm sorry xD i know those aren't just that i broke up with the person i love the most T^T and he's a BB D: ... I needed to say that..sorry again xD i'm super "emo" right now u.u)
1/22/2011 c21 4DNfangirl
Hello again! Okay,I like L a little more than you now, sorry... 1.I think you are gay. PANSEXAUL! SAME DARN THING, B.B! QUIT LIVING A LIE! TELL L HOW U FEEL RIGHT NOW, OR I SWEAR I WILL TAKE EVERY JAR OF JAM U HAVE! 2.Heres joke! Your mamas so fat, L quit sweets! lol, what do ya think? C: 3.Who would u kiss if u HAD to? L or L? (lolz) 4.I saw a guy dressed like L, and he was chasing crows...werid, right? o.o 5.I AM J! THATS L BACKWORDS! d: 6.Mello says u call yourself Beyond Birthday, but then, wats ur real name..? 7.Do u have a Tinerme acconut? WAT UR NAME! BYYYYYYEEEEE!
1/22/2011 c21 3Helltank
Hello again BB, I have come this time with some more questions and a buisness proposal.

1)If you got recruited into the CHERUB organization(look it up), would you accept?

2)You're offered a quadruple bladed shiny knife or 10 cauldrons of the most delicious jam in the whole universe. Which one do you choose? (You can kill the guy who offered you the items *wink wink*)

3)Would you rather be in Jigsaw's Venus Fly Trap(dig your eyeball out) or his Rack trap(take a bullet for your worst enemy)?

4)Would you rather have the power to kill someone before their numbers are up or the ability to torture people with your mind?

Now, to the buisness proposal. I have heard, through my, ahem, contacts, that a large number of "fangirls" are falsely claiming that you're the father of their babies. Would you like me to kill them? I can assure you, you will not be linked to the murders as I will make fake evidence of natural causes of death, along with a spectacular lawyer that could get a judge to proclaim somebody who has kiled 50 people in broad daylight and witnessed by a hundred not guilty, all for the small price of $100. I accept credit cards and cheques. If the money is in cash, it's $90 instead of $100.
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