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1/20/2011 c21 Rachel
Hi BB :D You're such an awesome and interesting character. I think they should give you some screen time with a movie based on the BB murder case. I also think you'd be able to take down Kira if you were given a chance in the series XD *Here is some stawberry jam* ;)

1)what would you do if you met a shinigami god of death?

2)How does it feel constantly seeing people's names and lifespans everyday? Does it ever get annoying?

3)Is it true that you're even smarter than L?

4)Are the rumours of you being a cannibal true?

5)Whats your IQ level?

6)Why do you look like L? Theres rumours that you're related to him,but I disagree. As there no real proof that you are.(Personalley I think you're cuter than L). *Please don't kill me for asking this* .

7)What do you think of Near,Mello,and Matt?

8)Do you agree with Kira killing off criminals for his hope of creating a so called perfect world?

9)Do you think you could ever fall in love with someone?

10)What kind of music do you like? :D

11)May I have a hug please? :3

12)If given the chance would you take over as the next L? Or stay a criminal?

13)Do you find it mentally scarring when people pair you with L in Yaio?

14)Do you have spilt personality's?

15)How tall are you?

Sorry for the long amount of questions.Anyway you're awesome! :D *Heres an extra stawberry jam*
1/20/2011 c21 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz8910
*about to glomp* *dead stop* Wait... Wha?

1. You have to give Light some credit. He had good intentions. ...But then he killed L... *burns picture of Light*

2. ...You are so cruel...

3. Hey! It's not like I ever really spoke to anyone!

*Takes jam back* No jam for you! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go bake an Old English L-shaped cake!
1/20/2011 c21 3Frollo's-Taco-Shop
Umm... CAN I BE YOUR APPRENTICE? Please? You can even call me Before Birthday. :D
1/19/2011 c21 CookieMonster
Chu tu aiii chutuuu kaka waka mooooooleeeee paraguantirimicuaroooooooo! ! Salchipapaaaaaaaa ! MENESTRAAA! SEQUITO DE CHIVOOOOO~~~~

Yeaah i'm singing to the rain...

1) You know what, i might be a boy xD a weird boy~ a boy who would LOVE to massage Beyond Boobies's balls!

2) My cousin's name is Pepito and he likes Juanito... ok..not really xD

3)Your farts stinks...X.X

4)Dance the Bamba!

5)Marry me or take a shower with me...choose one, or both xD a "none" is not accepted !

6)Kiss Jared Leto


8)Lick me eye and I promisse I will never lick yours again n.n trust me!

9)You look like Hell Girl! XD

10)Do the "Yes" dance!

11)Do you secretely have wet dreams with Barney?

Licks your eye and goes away: I LIEEEED, I LIED!
1/18/2011 c21 JosefinTonks To lazy to login
Gwag T.T I've recently found out that my daddy was criminal.

And not the funny kind of criminal! he was a pathetich drug dealer.

1. Saw torture or Flaying torture?`



The victim was tied to an inverted position. This had several "benefits": first, it assured sufficient blood diverted to the brain, second, it slowed down the loss of blood and third, it humiliated the victim.

Depending on the victim and torturer, this torture could last several hours. When a confession was required, the victim was frequently forced to watch someone else be subject to this method. If he didn't confess, he'd be slowly cut in half.



In one version of the Flaying Torture, the victim's arms were tied to a pole above his head while his feet were tied below. His body was now completely exposed and the torturer, with the help of a small knife, peeled off the victim's skin slowly. In most cases, the torturer peeled off his facial skin first, slowly working his way down to the victim's feet. Most victims died before the torturer even reached their waist.

In another version, the victim was exposed to the Sun until his skin reddened. This was followed by the torturer peeling off his flesh with the same method described above.

In yet another version, the victim was submerged into boiling water and was taken out after a few minutes. He was slowly flayed.

Wonderful :D

2. Mello: Gay or Straight?

3. Did you hsare a room with A at wammys?

4. Do you like me? You better like, otherwise i will take all you jam.
1/18/2011 c21 yourworstnightmire
1do u kno that if u spell yagami it spells i am gay?

2 ur methods of killing r lame

3 sherlock pwns all, period.

4u do know that i just typed a random name in the box apove
1/18/2011 c21 2XxYourDeadAsMuchAsIAmxX
-tail wags- so what was your most creative murder?
1/18/2011 c21 14bittersweet-endings-2214
1. -huggles you- I'm sowwy... -panda eyes-

2. I really am...

3. Actually, you're better than L. You kinda always have been.

4. I wuv you. -clings to your arm-

5. I really am sorry...
1/18/2011 c21 Lina
1. Wait...I thought your parents died in a fire...I'm confused. Thug and train or fire? Which?

2. BelBir: No you don't look like him. Not really. I mean I can see similarities, but...I bet u look like ur mom.

3. God, this is fucking crazy...

4. BB, wanna go see a movie? I think Texas Chainsaw Massacre is playing at the $1 theatre.

5.*gives strawberry jam* I love you. o/o

6. Hm...did you hear about that boy that got suspended for making a fake Death Note and writing ppls names in it? So fucking stupid, schools, I swear.

7. Uh...Where's Sebastian? Sebastian? Where are you? Don't tell me we lost our kid...

8. Well, if we ever permanantly lose them we can always have more. The govt. pays money for every kid u have. That means more money to buy Strawberry Jam with.
1/18/2011 c21 10toraffles

(Ohohohoho! Brain spark! Alright.

Pick the guy you like better, or think is hotter:

1. Sasori (from Naruto) or Deidara (from Naruto)?

2. Sesshoumaru (from Inuyasha) or Naraku (from Inuyasha)?

3. Itachi (Naruto) or Ikuto (Shugo Chara)?

4. BB (DN) or Xanxas (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)?

5. L (DN) or Rokudo Mukuro (KHR)?

6. Squalo (KHR) or Tom Riddle Jr. (Harry Potter)?

7. Hibari Kyouya (KHR. HIBARI-SAMA!) or Dino (KHR)?

8. Chikusa (KHR) or Sasuke (Naruto. BOO!)?

9. Madara Uchiha (Naruto) or Usui (Kaichō wa Maid-sama!)?

I would love your opinions on these anime characters.)

Is jam and killing and L really all you think about all day, everyday? Seriously?

... BB, I'm ignoring you. You're no fun, with your one track mind. :/
1/18/2011 c21 Bellatrix Birthday
Since you seem to love jam more than me... HAVE SOME! *throws heavy jars of jam at BB's head*

... Wow, I can be really violent when I want to...

1. Just to let you know, I'm not as stupid as I seem. I have an IQ of 179. I just play stupid so that people don't feel threatened by me until I strike.

What will it take for you to accept me as your kid?

Did you really just say that? o_e Now just tell me where my room really is.

Goodbye, O-Neglectful-One. HERE'S SOME MORE FREAKN' JAM! *throws more jam jars*
1/18/2011 c20 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz8910

Hey! Do you remember me from Wammy's? I'm that girl who always sat around writing in my little pink and black journal? I dress gothic lolita and wear my hair in high pigtails? I was the third smartest? My name was Zephyr? Remember?

Now, questions, questions...

1. What are your thoughts on Light Yagami?

2. What do you think about A's suicide?

3. What did you think of me back at Wammy's?

I mailed you some strawberry jam.

- Z.M.
1/16/2011 c20 3Helltank
Hey BB! Nice to see you again. Here's some jam. I'm sorry if I bored you with my last questions. This time it's going to be more fun. I'm going to ask you whether you approve of these methods of killing.

Method One

1)Take victim up high building and tie his waist to the roof.

2)Tie legs to floor and shove victim off building.

3)Reel in legless victim from roof

4)Use bare hands to take out organs and stuff in mouth

5)Seperate head from torso.

6)Burn torso and put head in box.

7)Wrap up box in brown paper and send to L.

Method Two

1)Put victim in my special torture machine.

2)Machine gouges victim's eyes out while twisting his limbs off.

3)As the limbs twist, a blade cuts off flesh from the limbs.

4)After that, a device on the victim's jaw rips his head apart.

5)At the same time, his ribs get pulled out of his body.

6)Take video of it and send to L.
1/16/2011 c20 AngelofDarkness21
Hi Beyond :D You're one of my fave Death Note characters. I admire your smarts,and wish you could have been in the actual anime. It would have made the series all the more awesome. Heres a gift *gives jam*

1)If you had the death note.what would you do with it?

2)How did it feel growing up with the shinigami eyes?

3)What's your fave colour?

4)Whats your fave all time anime? (I saw you liked manga in the Murder case book) XD

5)What would you do if you met Light Yagami?

6)How does it feel having so many fangirls? (I think you're really cute by the way) :)

7)If you were in the actual anime. Who's side would you be on or pretend to be on? L's?Or Lights?

8)Why do you hate L so much?

9)What do you think about people who pair their characters with you in fanfiction?

10)What do you love more.Jam? or Coming up with plans to kill L?

Thank you :D AngelofDarkness21
1/15/2011 c20 Bittersweet-endings
I forgot a question! Well, not really a question. Anyway, just add it on to my other thingy please! DX

...I wanna be "cuchi cuued" like Lina...
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