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4/20/2012 c20 rubell
not forgiving...bella drives me crazy with that shit...i get that she is insecure enough to not know but he knows...i know he knows so...
4/20/2012 c19 rubell
shocked she did that...i figured it would be a good long while... but good for her! as long as she has no bad feelings about it...i know the fucker tramitized her...but i have no doubts that edward will help her get over it eventually...i do wonder if she ever tells him...
4/20/2012 c15 rubell
4/20/2012 c14 rubell
4/20/2012 c13 rubell
oh...poor bella...and again...i just wanna hurt mike...
4/20/2012 c12 rubell
well, i am pretty sure her last sentence killed his happy 'i just came' mood...way to kill the post coital bliss bella...but then again, his lying and what not is gonna kill lots of bliss when the truth comes out...
4/20/2012 c11 rubell
edward is really gonna need to stock up on hankys...and always have four or five on him, lol, his girls seem to need them quite a bit, i am glad bella understands his relationship with alice, and i cannot wait for alice and jasper to meet...
4/19/2012 c10 rubell
ok, so i now wanna dig up mikes corpse, break every little bone with a sledge hammer, then take a ball pin hammer(?) and break all the broken bones into tiny, tiny bones, then pour acid on them, but not like sulfuric acid but acid that just stings alot tthen napalm and the set the whole damn thing on fire! he has the nerve to tell her he doesnt like going down on her cuz he doesnt like the smell or taste, then can basically throat rape her on her birthday, not kiss her cuz he doesnt like his own taste but supposedly she does, as if! then walk out on her, again on her birthday...and no present no Happy Birthday! nothing...poor edward...he has no real idea of the number mike did on bella...take faith and praise in the lord and it will be alright-bob marley
4/19/2012 c9 rubell
i do like saintward much better! disappointed in him though...'traveling'? i cannot believe he told her his parents were traveling... she is gonna be crushed...after mike she cannot deal with somebody lying to her and she sure as hell doesnt deserve it! and the same night that he lies to her he is gonna make love to her? but...'Transverse abdominus' inalways wanted to know what muscle that was...the V is sooo flippin hawt! total turn on...and was her panic due to his hands in her hair and how mike used to abuse her mouth?
4/19/2012 c8 rubell
yeah, whey he even though belly would work i have not a clue...
4/19/2012 c7 rubell
could he be anymore friggin perfect?
4/19/2012 c6 rubell
holy crap! but good for him, somebody had to do it...poor bella...and all of his friends knew, and they all just let her think everthing was fine and that she should marry the moldy piece of shit, worthless excuse for a human being...vampward wouldnt even have drank from him, his blood was that unworthy...did he even use protection with whoren? what if he jad given bella an STD? ugh...i am so disgusted!
4/19/2012 c5 rubell
oh, poor bella... mike was a disgusting human minute... ugh i cannot even go there...poor bella for having put up with his disgustingness, how long before the wedding did she find out about lauren? and screw the newtons for trying to make her feel bad, their son was a total piece of crap, he starts an affair 4 months before getting married? and edward is stalking bella already? i wish my stalker had been edward-y...instead he was creepy and annoying...i did get a good kick in though...he probably couldnt wank for awhile after that, still didnt take the hint though, but my big 'brother' convinced him...
4/18/2012 c4 rubell
got ur angst warning, tnx for that...i might have to break if it gets too bad, but i am sucked in now...couldnt walk away if i alice to little bite sized pieces!
4/18/2012 c3 rubell
sooo, did the weddin take place or not, i am a bit confused first edward called bella mrs newton and she wore her wedding band to the meeting...and mrs newton is a cunt!
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