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3/31/2012 c40 Clynne
Great chapter!
3/30/2012 c40 2SleepMyBella
Oh, my. I'm all out of superlatives! I just can't describe how much your story has meant to me. Your magic has been woven into my life for over a year now. Your story has become part of my life and part of my heart. I simply cannot conceive of not having your new chapters to look forward to. Every chapter is an epic experience that leaves my heart so full. I will be so incredibly devastated when it's over. I may have to start a support group, LOL. I am stocking up on tissues for the last chapter! No one moves me like you do.

This chapter was so beautiful it made my heart ache. The way these two love each other brings me to tears. How perfect to see them coming full circle and building a life around their love. These two will always remain in my heart, and so will you. You are so kind and so lovely, and you have a heart of solid gold. I feel so very blessed to have been lucky enough to know you and to come along for this incredible journey.

Thank you is not enough, but thank you, thank you.

Oceans of love-

3/30/2012 c40 sabriel017
These two make my heart sing. They're so beautiful together, fragile and strong at the same time. I love Bella's instinctive understanding of what going on with Edward and her grace in dealing with anything. I'd like to be like that when I grow up, if I ever grow up. Lol. Thanks for the update, Liz! xox
3/29/2012 c40 akjamma
loved this!
3/28/2012 c40 EMCxo
So much love for this story.

These characters have grown and bloomed. Love them so. Especially Saintward. You've taken him on such a wonderful journey of healing and self-discovery.

Loved Bella and Charlie at the end. Loved how Edward and Bella were a team and how Edward went all protective of her. No one comes between Bella and Charlie. Oh, Charlie. Baby Saintward is going to have him wrapped around his finger.

Assisi is perfect. Full circle.

Fate brought these two together to heal through love. Gah. *getting all teary eyed*

And the song? The song is perfect. Perfection.

Enough gushing? Cause I can go on... Esme and Carlisle's reaction were spot on. Jasper and Alice freaking out that the other would think they want to get married-classic. Pancakes and houses from scratch. Perfect. A Madrona starter house? Yes please.

Love. Do not want it to end.

*grabs passport for trip to Italy*


3/28/2012 c40 pimm cullen
Hi Liz,

not sure whether I feel happy or sad about SGMR coming to an end, I knew it would happen eventually but I was hoping for eventually being more in the future. So I guess it's a bit of both, happy for their HEA, sad that it is so soon, lol; I know a year is not soon but it only feels like yesterday I started to read SGMR.

Here's hoping for a beautiful wedding in Assisi and then the patter of little Masen feet and HEA.

Take care,

Pimm x

P.S. I love Jasper and Alice as well would be jumping for joy if we got read their part of this story in full (hint, hint)xx
3/28/2012 c40 fuz
These two are so beautiful in their strength and their trust in each other. All this heartbreaking sad chapters are, not forgotten, but weightless now that this happy time has arrived. Love you, too! Thank you.
3/28/2012 c40 frstmdllast
That was so sweet! I loved seeing everyone's reactions to their news, and Charlie is so Charlie.
3/28/2012 c11 1Oprah Winfrey
I must confess I was reluctant to read this for pretty much all the reasons you outlined in your intro, but I am so glad I did. In the space of a few lines, you have me laughing out loud, swooning at your Edward, and then suddenly weeping a paragraph later. Your story is really hitting close to home because coincidentally, a friend of mine was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago and I've been spending a lot of time at the hospital. (Thank goodness, he's going to be alright. ) The scenes with Alice especially feel really emotionally authentic to me. Anyway, thank you for sharing your story. You are a fantastic writer and I am so looking forward to reading the rest of this story.
3/27/2012 c40 malleelee
Quite a journey. As the frequency of the chapters decreased, I was reviewing for information and for enjoyment. The characters and their relationships are well developed. If I was a friend of Bella's and Edward's, I would not find pleasure in the pregnancy. I also know that some opinions best are kept to one's self.
3/27/2012 c40 quitomom
I'm going to miss these two...but glad to see them moving toward some happiness :)
3/27/2012 c40 robsjenn
where to start, where to start? this is so chock full of amazingness.

bella is so good to edward in this chapter. i adored how she calmed him down while they were making love - brought him back to the moment - helped him through it. i love that he was making his freak out to do list, and that she helped him calm down again, and then he re-proposed.

the reactions of their family were pitch-perfect, including carlisle's paleness/mini-freak out. love that we're going to assisi for the wedding, and that bella made edward be honest with her about it. love that they considered and reconsidered vegas (what couple doesn't?). adored jasper's hyperventilating reaction, and that alice is afraid he'll propose. (yes, please, more jasper!) even in just the relatively few paragraphs you've devoted to her throughout this fic, sue is surprisingly well-drawn and beloved by me.

i love the grey craftsman in madrona - perfect, perfect. love that, once again, bella calmed edward down, and that he realized he was overdoing it with trying to build a house (while having a newborn!).

i re-read the end of chapter 1 before diving in (dunno why-just 'cause i love it) and was struck by how true you still are, 39 chapters later, to these lovestruck, caring, sweet, naive young lovers.

it's the little things, as usual, that underscore what strong characterization you've built. edward and his maxim subscriptions, and thinking he should cancel them now that he's going to be a father. edward wanting to dress up for bella and make the wedding special. alice taking on the whole wedding planning burden. sue and esme being a rock for edward and bella - their true mothers. "you made me pancakes and lasagna from scratch, and i want to make you a house from scratch."

the avett brothers are among my favorites - i *love* january wedding - they and this song are so, so good live!

i'm not even sad we're coming to the end, because i know how good the last two chapters will be, and then i can re-read it all from start to finish. oh, and i actually kind of hope you *don't* show us the birth in the epi...instead, how about the birth of their 2nd child or something, just to throw us for a loop? :) kidding, kidding. you do what you have planned and it will be perfect.

xoxoxo, jenn
3/27/2012 c40 bellastew
awnnn I can't believe we are at the end... *runs to you tube*
3/27/2012 c40 Iluvbeinarattler
I am soooo gonna miss these two. I've loved this story and have been with them since day 1 and through allllll of the angst/hurt/romance/comfort/love... thank you.
3/27/2012 c39 Iluvbeinarattler
ahhh!... so sweet. I've been holding out reading these last few chapters cause I didn't think I could take anymore disappointment.
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