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3/6/2012 c39 KTNCullen
Oh my God I did NOT see that at all! But I love it. I so, so love it. When she started panicking about him proposing to be noble, etc..., I assumed it was some reason like living in sin bothering her or something, but I LOVE this development! (Can you tell?) lol

Edward's reaction was so dear, and I really liked his proposal plan and his original woo Bella sweet and so him!

Now that I'm basking in joy, I can't wait to see where you take them!

3/6/2012 c39 AbsurdEnthusiac
I don't even remember whether I guessed that Bella was pregnant, but this is a beautiful gift for this couple with such big hearts! I love how Edward went about proposing to Bella, and I love how flummoxed he is about the baby, and how grateful, too. I love that he chooses happiness instead of fear, and that now they will help each other instead of each trying to be stronger than the other. Beautiful, beautiful love story!
3/6/2012 c39 dsccc
I did not see that coming at all! It is kind of a perfect twist for them. Edward was so cute asking her over and over if she was pregnant. Definitely worth the wait! Thanks!
3/6/2012 c39 Clynne
Great chapter!

I think should go or it! ;)
3/6/2012 c39 robertnkristen
They waited long enough, they should just get married.! so happy to see them finally in a place where they can move on with their lives. AWWW
3/6/2012 c39 sassygirl156
Le sigh. Just as good the second time as it was the first. I vote for marriage sooner than later. They know they want to be together, they have a child on the way-why wait? We never know what life will hand us, as evidenced by how Bella and Edward met in the first place. Conventional wisdom is just that-conventional. Hopefully they'll continue their counseling, cause they both have a long way to go to be emotionally healthy partners. Even if they were to wait, they'd probably live together-so make it legal in the eyes of the law and God.

There was a moment somewhere along the way where the thought she might be pregnant went through my head, but I forgot about it. They will make wonderful parents. Awesome update!
3/6/2012 c39 songster
Lovely. They truly have done everything backwards. Why not one more thing? I was a little worried when B turned away. It was nice to see that it was because he surprised her so much. I know that feeling. Where you build these huge scary expectations and the reality is so easy, you're all... umm, wait, where is the screaming and teeth gnashing? LOL.
3/6/2012 c39 namemeamy
One way to make God laugh-try making plans? Or

Something like that! Anyway, this was imperfectly sweet and I loved it.
3/6/2012 c39 sabriel017
AHH! So perfect. My faith in these characters was utter proven in this chapter. "Our baby" and never once was he the asshole who questioned or rejected it. LOVE. Thank you, Liz! xox
3/6/2012 c39 pimm cullen
That was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

We have 2 religous people here, so children before marriage is not an easy issue to let go. However, planning a wedding is a stressful process and neither Edward or Bella need more stress in their lives. I think they should wait til the baby is born and maybe a year old then get married; that way the baby could be part of the wedding. Or maybe they could have a quiet, small ceremony before the baby is born, then once the baby is born they could reaffirm their vows with the baby there.

Can't wait to readd what you settle on.

Take care

Pimm xx
3/6/2012 c39 cherryhilz
Yay! ...doing the happy dance... love it!

Great chapter! Thank you Liz! :)
3/6/2012 c39 1Songirl
Totally do it now. Both my parents have passed away. These two have been touched by death and understand that life is short. This chapter felt surreal. It is my favorite so far. Isn't life funny that way? He did so well. Edward lives to be the caretaker. And there is no greater inspiration to get over yourself than a helpless infant. He said everything I was thinking..."I missed so much", "you must have felt so alone". Edward hasn't yet begun to beat himself up too badly although I feel he can't be quite done with that song yet... I want him to tell Bella when he bought the ring...and hear her reaction to that perfect, crazy note about his plan to marry her on the first night! This almost felt like the perfect ending... Thank God you are not that cruel. We didn't get into fanfic because we accept missing moments after all, do we?

Thank you for so generously sharing your talent,


3/6/2012 c39 oblivious24
Great Chapter! I cant wait for more! I really want to see them tell their families, especially Charlie and Carlisle and Esme.
3/6/2012 c39 nathygallagher
Oww a little cute!
3/6/2012 c39 30Rebadams7

Just like Job

from nothing

to everything

and more

will they marry right away? I think they might marry, but wait for the big ceremony for later, depending on how Alice is feeling. I think Edward is old fashioned enough that he wants to give her the protection of his name, and with all my wordily goods I thee endow. Still a seminarian after all

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