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5/11/2012 c32 rdmickey1989
Awl hell really ? 32 chp in, something like 700 pages and now I have to worry about an HEA ? Well to be honest, Bella doesn't deserve him in my opinion.
5/11/2012 c31 rdmickey1989
Really ? So what the heck is her excuse now ?
5/11/2012 c30 rdmickey1989
Oh great, the dog is her shrink. Edward seems to be slipping backwards, not forwards. Why has love done that ?
5/11/2012 c40 Connachtpa
I think of this story every time I'm in church. that's not often, but when I'm there I'm wishing for a Carlisle or Edward up there.

Lovely lovely story!
5/8/2012 c28 rdmickey1989
Oh the nasty ill tramp Victoria.. Causing waves with no water. The question is why is Bella so insecure all of a sudden
5/8/2012 c5 twopeas1pod
Puppies and April rain... gah. I am going to be using that wish on people in real life now...

Poor poor Bella...

I wanna smack the shit outta Mike.

Yes. I want to smack a fictional dead man.

Edward coming to town anyway... good boy.

3 - N
5/8/2012 c2 twopeas1pod
Gah! St Francis kills me. That's all. And then Carlisle afterward telling us it's ok to never achieve it, but just to wake up each day and strive for some part of it.

I love it when Fic meets up with real life in a way that changes you in that moment. You know what I mean? You're reading something that should be totally irrelevant to your real world, but it some how cosmically links to you? And you feel like you just got smacked upside the head!

I read a biography of a woman with breast cancer a couple years ago - The Middle Place. It was just this quirky little book. But it totally altered me. I think this prayer may have too. I wish I could be this selfless. GAH. LOVE IT. Copied it down. Tucked it in my nightstand.

The other passage I FLOVED - when they are talking about the bookcase. "People put books on display for a reason, they want others to look. It's a way of saying, 'this is me, these are my interests, come, get to know me better.'

So I went and looked.

A shelf full of 15+ year old college text books that are all surely as outdated as I am now. A collection of yearbooks from high school - I was the EIC for two years and they still make me stupid proud. A smattering of 'Surviving Infertility' books that hurt just to look at. A huge stack of 'Double Parenthood', 'What to Expect When Parenting Twins', 'Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child' - apparently a few years ago I actually thought someone out there was smart enough to write a manual to go with my little demons. And then the most prominent shelf has my Twilight books. Spines worn from overuse. One covered in silver sharpie that I know are autographs - but look like the art work of a 4 year old. Now my 4 copies of FSoG are stacked next to them (wait, was I suppposed to hide these away somewhere! lol, nah!). Then The Help & Hunger Games (my attempts to read 'a real book' in the last 18 months) and the previously mentioned Middle Place.

Well fuck me. My bookshelf does say who I am. OoO! Who knew! It's like the last 20 years of my life on unintentional display... Now I will be going into other people's houses and snooping their shelves...intentionally!

I love connecting to a story this way! People think we're reading silly little romance novels and mommy porn.

Those people are idiots.

This is the longest review note of all time. Will even let me post it!

lol. =) 3 - N.H.
5/7/2012 c40 katsword
so glad I stumbled upon this story. Wonderful!
5/7/2012 c27 rdmickey1989
Oh Saintward, I would give you all the wishes in the well. Just dream of Jeanine, oh wait, dream of Mickey...

Nope not totally bdsm, but perfect for me. damn bedtime. Who needs more than 4 hrs ?
5/7/2012 c26 rdmickey1989
Um. Delicious. Sultry.

More. Want and need more.
5/7/2012 c25 rdmickey1989
A week ? No way. Hubs and I can't go that long unless he is traveling. Good to Bella is such a good mood. Why am I scared it won't last ?
5/6/2012 c24 rdmickey1989
I smiled as I read him picking out his outfit. It's sad when I picked out WFE NYC premier?

So you were there, I guess you met a lot of the RAoR sista's. Deb, Katie, Xyan, Tink, oh man there were lots more, but it's late and I'm pooped. 430am comes early.

Definitely liking this better. I don't wanna slap the snot of out Bella. lol
5/6/2012 c23 rdmickey1989
Odd, I haven't even picked up Edward needed help.
5/6/2012 c22 rdmickey1989
Valium. All this time it was Valium? I have had a prescription for that stuff several times. Never did a thing for me. notta.

So all the throwing up was her tummy on Valium without anything to eat? okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk?
5/6/2012 c20 rdmickey1989
I'm not mad at Edward. Why in the world would she come in and flaunt that in his face? What in the world did she think that would do? *tisk tisk tisk*
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