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for itsy bitsy spider

6/30/2013 c1 Matthew
Really good. Spider webs are a good analogy for vampires.
1/29/2012 c1 21my best enemy
really, really awesome, especially the last line :)
12/4/2010 c1 2LastDeathFallen
Wow, this is such an interesting story.

I love the way you compared Spiders to Katherine. It does seem to fit her.

I was the same way as Jeremy in this story when I was little, I thought spiderwebs were so pretty. Until I saw a lightening-bug get caught up in it. I ran inside I started crying.

Wonderful story. I really like it.

12/3/2010 c1 5Alicia of the Temptation
Damn, it is awesome. Love it. Love the pairing.
11/30/2010 c1 606Ghostwriter
Wow. Nicely done. Love it. Catch ya on the flip side.
11/30/2010 c1 Very89
Katherine is really like a spider... poor Jeremy caught in her spider web... they are very interesting together.
11/30/2010 c1 29MysticalKC
Loved It! :D

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