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3/30/2011 c1 26Lillith Aurora
Andromeda is my recent obsession and I really like this.
12/17/2010 c1 55Xx starlight-moon xX
Brilliant, as always. :)

I especially liked the final line - the imagery of stars is such a clever play on the family names, and on the ideal of the starcrossed lovers, and it injects the perfect ominous note into the scene, in a very understated way. Beautifully subtle, and that's really all I can say. It's amazing how affecting two words can be in the right hands.

Great work!
12/6/2010 c1 50lorelai-x-gilmore
Amazing. I really like the double meaning at the end. And I feel so bad that Andromeda has to feel SAD on her wedding day. Poor love. You did a really awesome job capturing her feelings.

*thumbs up*
12/3/2010 c1 300Inkfire
This was amazing :) really, really well written. I loved it!
12/3/2010 c1 38loveislouder94
A very well written and enjoyable start! :)
12/2/2010 c1 136Lady Eleanor Boleyn
Loved it - especially the way the ceremony was being undershot by the other, bitterer thoughts. That worked so well.

I'm surprised Andromeda didn't forbid herself to think of them, on that day of all days, yet it's understandable too!

Great job, Erika!
12/2/2010 c1 30BellaPur
Wonderful! Just wonderful! And that last line! Again, wonderful.
12/2/2010 c1 PieceOfGum
That was so well done! I could so easily see Andromeda's expression before me. You did a great job portraying the two sides (Ted or family, black or white?) clearly, I would have understood who the fic was about even with no names. It's amazing how you managed to, what shall I say, write emotions. I really loved this drabble.
12/1/2010 c1 42TuesdayNovember
Oh. My. Goodness.

This was actually incredible - and for me who finds Tedromeda kind of icky, that's pretty huge.

I absolutely adored the juxtaposition (is that the right literary term?) between the happy ceremony and Andromeda's rather dismal thoughts.

And that last line "(stars fall)" I'm guessing that's a sort of pun-that-isn't-funny (there's a word, but I've forgotten), for the way the stars the wands make fall, and for the way stars, as in, the Black naming system with stars, fall.

(Terribly sorry for this incoherent mess of a review)

This was just brilliant. =)

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