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7/18/2020 c8 2Heart of the Demons
I like this chapter mostly for Alchemy's characterization. She really does feel like a character under your thumb. And I appreciate that. It's been exactly 10 years since you've written this fic. Whatever ideas you come up with next, you can bet I'll be there.
7/18/2020 c7 Heart of the Demons
This chapter really blew my mind when I read it. I mean, the way the story is constantly unfolding and the way the characters are being developed are just absolutely spot on.
8/27/2014 c6 Heart of the Demons
I'm most definitely feeling the frustration everybody's going through this chapter. No one's sure who to trust ever since Cornelia was killed off, so it's seemingly everyone for themselves. You do your very best in capturing the "W.I.T.C.H." characters' personalities, which makes for pretty epic storytelling.
1/18/2013 c5 5Guardianrebel18
Please write another chapter, I can't wait! This story is awesome!
10/24/2012 c5 5RinShinsei
I like the story now when are you updating again?
4/18/2012 c5 2Heart of the Demons
It sucks that Will, Caleb, Irma, and Taranee are fighting each other over the death of Cornelia, with poor Hay Lin caught in the middle. Irma and Taranee are only following their hearts. Unless this mystery is solved, no one is safe.
4/18/2012 c4 Heart of the Demons
Taranee and Irma try to uncover the truth about Cornelia's death against Will's orders, while Alchemy digs really deep into Caleb's background. The mystery is getting much more interesting every time I read it. ^U^
4/2/2012 c5 88Lexvan
Looks like the new W.I.T.C.H. has become their own worst enemy! And Hay Lin is the one suffering from it all. That's not good. And then there's Alchemy. She's getting closer to the truth. That or she'll find out something that'll get Caleb arrested. And now Phobos and Elyon know about Cornelia being dead. And with all of her power, who knows what Elyon will do. And will the Oracle step in and stop Will and Caleb from hurting Taranee and Irma. Or will Hay Lin stop al four of them with her power?

Great chapter! Keep it up!
4/2/2012 c5 16XV-Dragon
That is not good, pretty much everyone is choosing a side and think anyone not on their side is the villian. surpsied anyoen has much power right nwo given the lack of unity they have at the momment.

Great chapter yellow, can't wait to see what you got planned for next in this fic :)
9/3/2011 c4 Kalims
I agree with XV; tension's pretty high. That could, or would, make things pretty nasty. Good work with the chapter, keep it up.
9/2/2011 c4 88Lexvan
Wow! Alchemy is finding evedance that shows there's more to Caleb that meets the eye. Will's outburst to Taranee's suggestion is making her look more guilty than anything. Taranee and Irma are now on Metamoor inhopes of talking to Elyon for help. Hay Lin is torn between her friends. The two decetives are starting to think more and more that Caleb killed Cornelia. And Cedric was spotted ny Yan Lin. And my question is, who killed Cornelia? Or is she really dead? And if she isn't dead, where is she? And did she fake her own death or was she taken?

Great chapter! Keep it up!
9/2/2011 c4 16XV-Dragon
Looks like the coak and dagger is really kicking in now. everyone is trying to find out stuff behond other people's back and for WITCH tensions are getting really high.

Can't wait to see what you got planned next yellow :)
6/24/2011 c1 anonymous1386
Wew, harsh chapter dude. what've you got against Cornelia anyway? Jusk asking
4/29/2011 c3 88Lexvan
So, Irma and Taranee are thinking Will might of killed Cornelia, while Alchemy thinks Caleb might of done it. Caleb warned Will about Irma and Taranee and Hay Lin warned Will and Caleb about Alchemy. And then there's Phobos, who has Miranda distracting Elyon so he can do what he has to do. The main question is, who killed Cornelia? as it Will, Elyon, Phobos, Cedric, or somebody else all together.

Great chapter! Keep it up, and update soon!
4/29/2011 c3 16XV-Dragon
Ouch the civil war is starting ot get underway I think, since we got Will and Caleb getting ready to for a posible atack and Tarnaee and Irma are lookingl ike they really beleieve Will killed Corny.

Plus we got Alchemy asking qurstion, which will only add more problem.

And then we got Hay Lin in the middle of all this, here is hoping she can recover form all this and smack some sense into everyone before somthing bad happenes.
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