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12/21/2012 c4 2Dr. Prongsie
Oh my. This is wonderful. I love this plot, I cannot get enough!
4/28/2012 c4 pujafelton
nice ! nice ! nice !


lots of love take care 3
10/10/2011 c4 enomix being lazy
I really love this story, and I've got a few suggestions for books in case you're wondering which to use...

Pride and Prejudice might be good to go with all the pure-blood half-blood dynamic things...

1984 might also be a good choice for them to go all philosophical and all that.

Then again, I'm probably going to be all agatha-christie-fangirl and suggest you use Death on the Nile or Murder on the Orient Express or any other Christie.

But I've no doubt that you have all the books picked out, so yeah... just in case you decide to do a sequel or something. :P

Really enjoying the series; it has your usual wonderful descriptions and love the Lucius/Narcissa relationship... :)

Hoping for another update, even if I have to wait a year to read it! :D
10/7/2011 c4 bookivore
Hi! I love the idea of this story. The only thing I wonder about the description is if you are really going to accomplish what you want in the summer before sixth year. If you're planning for Draco to come to an epiphany, which seems like a great idea, it would be nice to see a little more of him thinking about each story. I loved him matching people up to the people in Narnia. But, he would also be fighting to maintain his own beliefs. All this internal stuff would be fascinating to see.

Nitpicks: I haven't read Eragon yet, though I've heard it's good, so I went to look: yes it's more recent than the HP timeline. So not only do I have no idea how it might impact Draco, now I know there's a glitch in the HP world (Eragon was published when the author was 5 years old, I think!)

Also, the next DE Breakout was rumored to happen at the end of year 6. Since it was covered up, you could move it when you want, but it's another tiny annoyance. Surely having V. move in with Narcissa and the thought of the future breakout would work just as well to motivate Draco? Stan Shunpike was supposed to be broken out at the same time, and I don't think his arrest has even been dealt with yet. Unless you're meaning for his stolen note to have more of an impact than I thought, as in the Order will mess up the breakout. Argh.
10/6/2011 c1 22enomix
Ahhh! I love it! :)
8/5/2011 c4 23Summerflowers26
oh i hope this has a happy ending, but wow i love this story. Can't wait for an upload! :) and i know who M. is, or at least i think i do, somehow i can picture you throwing us a huge suprise twist at the end ;) can't wait to see which book is next tho.

Ps. your stories are distracting me from my writing, but i don't mind cuz they are soo good :)
5/6/2011 c4 GingerNinja1111

This is really good!
4/28/2011 c4 KaKoIi
Amazing as usual! Im glad u have the story planed out in your head cause the wait is horrible! XD so keep up the awsome work!
4/21/2011 c4 4KrazyLadyKat
yay an update... er... kinda XP

happy to hear your going to write again soon so :)

i feel srry about how hectic ur life is mine seems simpler now lolz

good luck with the next chappie ^_^
3/6/2011 c3 peoniequeen
love this and i think M might be Hermione
2/13/2011 c3 KaKkOiI
Wonderful story! i enjoyed reading it! PLus you used all of my favorite books! please post soon!
2/10/2011 c3 Nicole0LiveLaughLove0
LOL I love this chapter! XD Post more soon
2/6/2011 c3 Wontletmelogin
Is hermione Artemis? Like, is she an animangus?
2/4/2011 c3 6ella nchanted
HA HA HA! That was a funny way to end the chapter.
2/2/2011 c3 4KrazyLadyKat
yay! every chappie iz a good chappie. i cant wait to see what hermione doez when she sees draco's skribbles XF
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