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6/20/2014 c1 20Pheonix09
That was highly amusing, I loved it and excellent job but could you write a Hato-aya one please
6/14/2012 c1 13Nessie-san
Lols XD That was... kinda pointless... but for some reason, hilarious XD There were a few stylistic errors which were bad enough that they were more grammatical errors, but nothing so serious I couldn't understand what was going on. One thing... It wouldn't be "Gure-na," that doesn't make any sense, because "na" and "ne" are used for the same purpose. They're used (in the main, anyway) the way "hey" is in English, as a way of getting someone's attention. Like "Hey, where're you going?" The "hey" in that has the same meaning as "na" does most of the time in Japanese. If you wanted to use an honorific, Ayame usually uses "-san" when he's using Shigure's nickname. (Gure-san). Anyway, well done )
3/21/2011 c1 29That One Angry Hobbit
lol love those two

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