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12/1/2018 c8 KaitouStarlight
Please update! I can't wait for 7 years! And I like this story, by the way. That's why I can't wait for a new chapter for years.
9/20/2018 c8 Guest
more pls, this is a very intresting, and I really like it, so pls continue
9/3/2016 c8 Guest
*hopeful experession with innocent eyes*
2/27/2016 c6 3PhoenixSun25214
sherlock never guesses.
1/7/2016 c8 Writingblock
*crying* It hasn't been updated since 2012... but it's too amazing to just stop! ;-;
4/29/2015 c7 12Esmereilda
nice chapter
4/28/2015 c6 Esmereilda
oh sweet in any other fic shinichi/conan would be beside himself if he received such an offer
4/28/2015 c5 Esmereilda
and they finally meet :D
4/27/2015 c4 Esmereilda
ok so in this fic shinichi never read the novels ab holmes since they prov existed based on your timeline but having heard ab him he is just as interested :D
4/25/2015 c3 Esmereilda
well he's right ab that kogoro usually cant solve his way out of a wet paper bag he's only famous cuz conan's solves all his cases for him XD
4/25/2015 c2 Esmereilda
poor conan
4/23/2015 c1 Esmereilda
this promises to be interesting indeed
10/5/2014 c8 KuroichiRukibara
can you please update? this fic is too good to resist, and it's poking at my curiousity!
8/23/2014 c8 Guest
its a grt mystry i just want u to update the remaining part soon i cant wait for it any more
7/31/2014 c8 number o
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