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4/28/2013 c13 6puckleberry4ever
loved it really good never excepted this kind of story.
8/2/2012 c13 Gemma
Please make it a Puckleberry Romance... I love them together
4/5/2012 c2 EALRunaway
So I got bored and decided that I wanted to reread your story because it is absolutely AWESOME! I love it. The reason I'm sending you a review for this though is that I'm a bit confused because the conference call in this chapter has the FBI logo on it and they are NYPD. Is that just an error and you forgot? (Cause honestly to me, FBI is WAY cooler than NYPD :P) Anyways, just thought I'd send this review and say that I am waiting with bated breath for the next installment. Just my input and suggestions, I still want to see Rachel beat up Puck! :P Maybe have Rachel and Puck offer to teach Santana a few things and totally have Rachel kick his butt! I also want to hear the story of Rachel in military school. :P I don't know how much of the next story you have done yet, but those were always something I wanted to read.
3/28/2012 c13 1PuckleberryGleek
Oh My Puckerman this was freaking amazing! I freaken loved it! :D
2/11/2012 c13 HeatherluvsBellarke
Cant wait for the sequel. It will be nice to read the whole story in one setting. I am very excited. I would love a Puckleberry romance. Totally would make my day. I love Puckleberry and what Glee has turned into has just about killed me. I will beg you to make this Puckleberry. I would smile so big. Looking forward to when you post it.
2/11/2012 c13 3gleek30
I'm soooooo happy that you're doing a a sequel! Undercover is probably one of my top 5 favorite fanfics (and admittedly i've read over 500+... i know, i definitely spend wayy to much time on fanfic). i really cant wait! all your notes sound very promising. How far into the future is this? Cause if Santana is in the NYPD, it was must have been a couple years? or is she still a new trainee. also at the moment i think i'm down with a puckleberry romance. they are my favorite "ship." idk. they were only friends in undercover and it worked, so whatever you do, i'm sure will be great. not gonna lie, i'm giddy with excitement. can't wait
2/11/2012 c13 CheerGirl911
This was a gr8 story and I can't wait for the sequel, also I'd really love if it was a Puckleberry Romance :D I was kind of hoping for them to get together
2/11/2012 c13 SuzQQ
Thanks for continuing! I look forward to it. I'd love to see a Puckleberry romance in it as well as a continuation of their work partnership. Thanks!
12/10/2011 c12 1Xx-freedom-wish-xX
OMG SO GOOD the sequel should have Puckleberry it. I wonder how Santana's gonna adapt it. Hmmmmm...
11/19/2011 c12 Anon
You should totally write a sequel or one shot of Santana getting into the academy that would be kind of cool :D
10/5/2011 c11 Veggie95
I love this story so much. its really intreguing and easy to read. it would be awesome if you could do a oneshot or story of what santana does after this or after high school. Thanks A Lot
8/19/2011 c11 4MistressDrusilla1860
really good story only thing i think was left out was why they were all kidnapped that was never explained but other than that it was good ... i like to see what happens with santana in a squeal

3/24/2011 c12 Roxy4vamp
This was fucking amazing.
3/9/2011 c12 79peter-pan-equals-luv
This would be total boss with a beta! I'm willing to offer up my services as such, if you havent' found one yet. Don't take my stories as recommendation, please, because I don't typically beta them (I have issues...)

Anyway, PM me if you're interested! :D
2/27/2011 c12 3dimonyo-anghel
Yay! I loved it, but there was no explanation on why the rich guy hated show choirs and if they caught the guy...
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