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for The Engagement

5/27/2017 c2 Guest
Love it
12/24/2014 c2 Guest
Update please! This is a really good story! Gwuncan forever
3/13/2014 c2 KrazyGirly
You HAVE to update this! This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! :(
2/8/2014 c2 Lola
Why you stopped?
It is so cute and amazing! :)
Waiting for more :)
9/8/2013 c2 GwuncanGirl0203
PLEASE, don't tell me you forgot to write the rest! I mite as well sneak into your house. And hit you in the head with a baseball bat! See what you have done! Got me all, all all... Um... Whatever! Just please update soon, great story by the way! But really he hit her in the head, really?
8/24/2013 c2 Guest
Lol the flashback was funny
8/11/2013 c1 44Jyoti
Nice job, I like it :)
3/10/2013 c1 UndefinedReality
Love the story please keep updating and Duncan's Dad has problems
4/17/2011 c2 6lemonface
i love this story! its really cute! keep writing!
3/19/2011 c2 julia
omg, i wanna see what happens!

1/24/2011 c2 30XoXMariah n' SieoreXoX
I lurv it! keep writing! Or typing...
1/12/2011 c2 48JazzGirl123
Uh! Duncan's dad is such an @sshole! Awesome chapter! Please update soon!
1/12/2011 c1 JazzGirl123
Sounds cool.
1/7/2011 c2 Amanda D
ooo this time let duncan kill his dad :D I know i'm a dumbass :D
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