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3/7/2016 c18 Ghostkid33
So the Pit of Hate is a theme park? I was half-expecting it to look like Hell. It's still hilarious regardless though...especially the Tunnel of Love...for Aku! ride lol!

Hmm, looks like Jack and Jill have been caught...by his daughter?! Since when did Aku become a father? Oh well...I don't even wanna know. I'll see you next chapter!
4/25/2009 c18 23TheDayYouSaidGoodnight
I found parts of the story pretty hilarious. Is there any chance that more chapters would be added to this story? PM me, if it is what you please.
4/19/2007 c18 13GenericSpider
Aku has a daughter? I don't wanna know how that happenned. I thought the Aku theme park was hilarious! Tunnel of Love...For Aku! That made me laugh.
8/21/2003 c18 BethMcAdam
CONGRATULATIONS, you are the first Samurai Jack story I have ever reviewed, this story is great, please continue it, please?
3/30/2003 c17 Hekima
Arg! I've answered this question about three or four times before (here in the review section) and the answer is "NO!" It's not a romance! There are too darn many Jack romances as it is. There is love, but it's on a different level.
3/30/2003 c17 41Concetta
Will Jack and Jill ever fall in love?
3/30/2003 c16 Concetta
"Have a nice Aku-filled day" :) Ha ha ha!

I love this story! Good stuff!
3/30/2003 c16 Concetta
"Have a nice Aku-filled day" :) Ha ha ha!

I love this story! Good stuff!
2/24/2003 c1 1KoRnEater
haha! jack and jill! .ehe.he.he.
2/13/2003 c17 Hekima
They were trying to track down people from Kemui, Jill's now burned up city that didn't have a name until the last part. :P I'll edit the other parts so the name's there. I'll probably do that tomorrow.

Maybe I'll even finish up the next part of "Jack and the Bard."
2/13/2003 c17 Arrieyenne
*dying laughing* Oh. so, so funny. can't breathe. *gasps for air* Priceless. And for some twisted reason, very, very classic. Especially the beef jerky part! WHo doesn't like free beef jerky? Now, refresh my memory, who were they looking for?
2/12/2003 c17 48Al Kristopher
HOLY COW! WHAT KEPT YOU? DON'T YOU EVER UPDATE? JEEZ! MAYBE, maybe, you could do this a little quicker? At least once every 2 weeks! Sheesh... Next time, Don't keep us waiting so long!
2/12/2003 c7 chickens
So far what I have read is great. The one thing I'd say is trie not to use contrations when jack speaks. For example: "do not" instead of "don't", and "I will" instead of "I'll". but feal free to ignore me. I intend to read more later. Keep writing
2/9/2003 c17 16Quijotesca
Don't ask what my thing with naming people in numbers is. Actually, I don't like numbers much at all. It's just that I actually started writing about 06718, I was in one of my classes without access to my sources I use for names. Quite often, when I'm in situations like that, I'll just type "(name)" and come back later with my word processor to replace that with an actual name. But since this was just an incidental character, I just picked out something at random and 06718 was it. AFIK, it has no significance. :P

Also, Jill's city finally has a name, so I'll be going back and editing stuff to reflect that change.
2/1/2003 c16 Hekima
I made an addition to Jack's disguise in part 16: He's now wearing a weird Aku cap. Check it out. ;) Part 17 is on the way.
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