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for What the Room Requires

10/15 c26 Fanficfan826
This is probably the fifth time I’ve read your beautiful story since I found it a few years ago.
I love your writing. I love your story. And I would love it if you would write another Dramione!
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us.
10/10 c26 Hufflepufflife
Thank you so much for putting this out into the universe! Absolutely loved reading this story. Saving it to re-read again and again.
9/25 c26 constantlyelisabeth
This is incredible. It's been saved on my "to be read" for years and I only finally just got around to it. All I can say is thank you for putting this into the world to be read. I don't know that I've ever cried so hard reading a happy ending.
9/15 c3 Lia
Me again! I just wanted to say I loved it and there are just no words...Thank you for this awesome time! XoXO Lia
9/15 c2 Lia
This was a great chapter, you really caught what Draco would have said unlike some fanfictions who make him well...nice. I cant wait to continue reading!
8/17 c26 Jessi14040
And it's me again :D Thank you for this wonderful journey. I don't really know what else to say, I'm still a bit caught up in the magic, going from nightmares to dream-like states, then into terrible reality and, finally, to a happy end. You did that perfectlyI didn't want the dream to stop, I didn't want them to step out into the real world, but knew that they had to. I liked how you showed everyone's vulnerability, theirs fears and the strength they gain from confiding in other people and from acknowledging their emotions. I'd have liked a more active Hermione in the end, for feel I she'd have taken more action after the events and not sat waiting without trying to figure out where they went, but that's more of a personal preference, there are already so many other wonderfully suspenseful scenes. And I still love how 'Snape', as they say, keeps reserving that book for them... and all those peaceful scenes with the books and, of course, the willow and the dancing lights and the songs... I'll certainly read the story again and listen to the songs. Today, I only let the verses enchant me. Writing is magic, and I hope you continue sharing your magic, be it in fan fiction or own works, I'll check both out and send you lots of love and motivation!
8/17 c21 Jessi14040
Hey there, popping in again to say that I really like how you've written Snape. I usually read fics in which he is one of the main characters, so it's very interesting to see him as a side character. He gets more depth when talking to a person he trusts, and... Ah, I just love him and think he deserves so much better, and while he probably won't find happiness in this fic, he can at least help Draco to find it.
8/17 c20 Jessi14040
This story has made my day. I don't even know how I stumbled upon it, but I'm so glad I didthe timeless magic inside the room, soft, dream-like states resolving into thrilling nightmares, it's simply perfect. I'm not finished yet, but I'm commenting already because this chapter made me laugh so many times... Professor Snape repeatedly reserving Persuasion to Hermione and Draco and Madam Pince being the terrible, yet perfect librarian, it's positively absurd and I simply love it!
I was worried that this story would end after they found the door and we'd never see them face the cruel reality, so I'm extra happy that there are still a few chapters to come. Love and thanks and lots of writing motivation!
8/14 c24 kelsey meyers
This is insane. Love it. It is getting so much better. ACTIONNNNNN!1
8/14 c19 Guest
8/13 c26 lyra
i absolutely LOVE THIS. My fav fanfiction of all times!
8/12 c13 Guest
OMFG that last line though
8/12 c12 Guest
Oh my gosh I totally
loved this chapter! We totally got a glimpse of the characters
8/12 c18 lyra
god i'm in intense suspense
8/12 c13 lyra
i always get so excited when i start to read your chapters of this story. i'm binge reading it a he moment and loving at
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