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for What the Room Requires

8/19/2020 c9 AsketronNidavellir8
I like your lullaby choices, they're very different and sweet
8/19/2020 c5 AsketronNidavellir8
Yay, there is a Santa Claus :)
This story is both lovely and creepy, I'm seeing a side of both Draco and Hermione I never thought of before. Hermione always seemed so unafraid of bullying, and we never got to see her parents much. Draco is just plain old mean no questions asked. But this idea of Hermione feeling really hurt by the Mu*Bloo* attacks and Draco having this worship/fear of his dad... Just... Well done. Well written. Oof, I now retreat to finish this story and know I'll be in for a wild ride with you as the author, Ms. Rackham.
8/15/2020 c26 Guest
I've read lots of fanfiction but the majority of this story is DO beautifully written that I felt I had to comment, for the first time ever. The psychology and depth of the interactions in the Room of Requirements was exquisite. I loved it. Thank you, for writing it.
8/14/2020 c12 Guest
oh gosh i know it’s been so long but i’m reading this now after rereading harry potter and this keeps tugging at my heartstrings and making me bawl. i love this story because it’s so realistic compared to others and it keeps the characters true to themselves instead of all of them having a sudden change of heart. thank you. truly.
8/13/2020 c26 Guest
Your writing is literally amazing this actually one of the best dramione fanfics I have ever read
8/12/2020 c26 Guest
8/8/2020 c2 Alice Potter cul
Soooo good
8/8/2020 c26 Guest
Dear Alydia, I found your story through the favorites list of another author. It is a really well written story and I am happy to hear you have become an author with your own books published! I wish you every success! I'll have just two little issues about this story: One is that Dumbledore told his plan to Draco BEFORE teaching him occlumency. The other is in the denouement of the story, where it is finally revealed that Draco and Remus are alive: While this is good for dramatic effect, it seems rather cruel or inconsiderate of Draco and Remus to leave everyone in the dark for so long, knowing that there are people who worry about them. - Where did they find a place to hide, at Spinner's end? Weren't they afraid it might be appropriated by Death Eaters? Did they not know who had won the war? How did they get food? Why could they not send an owl any earlier to say that they are ok? - So many questions, there's a whole story behind this :-) If you are still into this fandom and not too overly busy as an author of your own :-), would you write a little companion fic to this that tells the story of Remus & Draco in hiding...? I'd really like to read it!
8/8/2020 c26 CherryBerry99
One of the best dramione stories I have read!
8/7/2020 c26 imaeonian
AMAZING FROM START TO FINISH! Might be the best Dramione fanfic I've read so far. And I'm 4 years late but congrats being an author! Hope you succeed in your endeavour :))
8/7/2020 c20 imaeonian
8/7/2020 c16 imaeonian
Holy shit I started crying when Draco was talking about what it would've been like if they were friends. PERFECT!
8/7/2020 c7 imaeonian
Oh my god, this chapter was amazing. The way you described the scenery in the last few paragraphs made me have a clear picture in my head and it was perfect.
8/7/2020 c5 imaeonian
Aww I loved this chapter so much :)
8/4/2020 c4 Guest
This chapter made me cry in the good way
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