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for What the Room Requires

7/17/2020 c14 69GetLoki'dAndStayThatWay
7/17/2020 c13 GetLoki'dAndStayThatWay
Aww...I love it when Draco starts being sweet...
7/17/2020 c12 GetLoki'dAndStayThatWay
Oh, gods...I always cry reading this chapter, it's THAT good.
7/15/2020 c26 quarantine2020
This is such a creative fic!
7/14/2020 c11 GetLoki'dAndStayThatWay
Aww...I love their nights in the willow room, it's so adorable and sweet and awww...
7/14/2020 c10 GetLoki'dAndStayThatWay
Awww the Dramione sweetness is amazing!
7/14/2020 c9 GetLoki'dAndStayThatWay
Awww I love the sweetness in this chapter...
7/14/2020 c8 GetLoki'dAndStayThatWay
I still can't get over the fact that Draco sang such a depressing song to get her to sleep. Oh well. He didn't know any better.
7/6/2020 c26 Guest
This was absolutely amazing! Thank you for writing and sharing it!
7/6/2020 c7 Guest
Draco was being soo sweet i loved it

Isabella Amelia Charlotte Lily Narcissa Aranea Alexis Malfoy
7/7/2020 c26 7Medeaa
Lovely story. I first read a story about Draco, in which his character is so close to the original. That's what this boy should be
Wonderful storytelling, recommendable, interesting and unusual
Thank you very much for it
7/5/2020 c12 Bellatrix C. Bane
The Room of Requirements is like 'I don't care if you are no longer in need of those things you wished for, I will go down with this ship'
7/5/2020 c5 Bellatrix C. Bane
This fic puts into words why I feel like Draco Malfoy deserves redemption. I have miserably failed to explain it for so long to people who disagree with me and now I know how, thank you! And the creation of characters here is absolutely and breathingly accurate to how they are in canon so... Chapeaux-bas
7/1/2020 c12 emily
still here
7/1/2020 c10 emily
great been reading for ages
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