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for What the Room Requires

7/18 c26 2Addyblue13
I know I'm a little late to the party but this is amazing! I don't know where you're at in life now but I'm glad to hear you are an Author. I enjoyed your story too much and thought it to be very emotional. I love your songs and story excerpts in the being. I personally loved "Tangled's" songs too. And using pride and prejudice was brilliant. I wish I had the skill you did. Best wishes!
7/8 c26 17Lafanenretard
Wow. That was fun-fantastic !
I don't why but I usually don't read any story written in the point of view of the main characters. I've got a problem with the I. But your story... I'm glad that it didn't stop me and that I read till the end.
Thanks for sharing it with us.
I love what you did with those characters and the plot is quite interesting. Those descriptions of fears and feelings, and the way Hermione and Draco evolved. Great story !
6/26 c18 kmr92613
Heck yes. Let’s so how this unfolds! True sacrifice
6/25 c9 kmr92613
Do they ever get out of the room? Hmm. So curious what happens.
6/22 c26 xbieber
This was beautiful.
6/19 c26 Guest
This was my first Dramione fic. I read it about 3 1/2 years ago and tell in love with this ship. Dramione is now my OTP. After I read this, I fell down the Dramione rabbit hole. I read Isolation, The Rights and Wrongs series, The world of Wait and Hope, Remain Nameless, etc. Reading this fic again was like a breath of air, that had been stolen for so long. Thank you, for this amazing fic and all it's adventures.
6/16 c7 3Triliark
This is the most beautiful fanfic chapter i've ever read. I am so in love and emotional over this story. I've been looking for a Dramione that really tackles their relationship like this, and one that is kind of trippy ya know? And oh my God did this deliver. I love how their physical environment is so reflective of their inner mental state, and how they only progress when they discover things about themselves and each other. So amazing. Do you allow people to bind your fanfics? I've never done it before but I would love to try just so I can have a copy of this on my shelf.
6/16 c26 Drsnivy1
Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful ending. Brought tears to my eyes.
6/16 c23 Drsnivy1
WHAAAAAAT!. OH. MY. GOD... I was not expecting a turn like this from the story, holy shiiiiiiit that's crazy I can't believe it. Beautifully written too. Holy moly. 1000/10 chapter
6/14 c16 Drsnivy1
One of the best chapter's I've ever read in a fan fiction in my entire life. So beautifully written, Draco opening up to Hermione as much as he can it's just beautiful. This story so far is an artfully crafted adventure and this is the best part yet, can't wait for more. Also the music suggestion was wonderful.
6/14 c7 Drsnivy1
What beautiful imagery, on both ends
6/13 c4 Drsnivy1
Wow. Just wow. This chapter is just... insane to read. One hell of a chapter, can't wait for the rest.
5/18 c26 Bele
happy ending to a brilliant story! thank you for writing it!
5/12 c26 Guest
So beautiful
5/8 c26 Mol-dune
Amazing story!
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