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2/18/2020 c7 Biana Vacker
Loved the ending!
2/17/2020 c4 Biana Vacker
Loved this chapter!
2/15/2020 c26 Biana Vacker
I haven't reviewed until now because I was to caught up in this wonderful wonderful story I really don't believe I could read anything better than this I have always wanted the Dramione ship to happen and it finally has! (For me at least) thank you so much for bringing this story into my life. I would really like you to write more a sequel or something. If you ever do please tell me! Thank you again!
2/10/2020 c12 Katsuukie
The end is just perfectly perfect with all the black chess piece thing !
2/5/2020 c26 xLaBellaVita
THIS STORY GAVE ME ALL THE FEELS! Soooo good! Thank you!
2/3/2020 c17 Dramionewhore
my heart is breaking
1/30/2020 c26 Anonymous
This is the best dramione story I've read. Loved your writing till the very end. Looking forward to more.
1/30/2020 c12 Guest
Absolutely love this although there are just two things wrong with it
Lucius doesn’t know about Voldemort having horcruxes
Hermione went on a skiing trip with her parents but it was cut short
Other than that I think this is fantastic! Rowling would be proud!
1/29/2020 c1 Ado
I LOVED IT! this is by far mythical fav! fan fiction yet! me and friend were reading together, we laughed and we cried
1/28/2020 c8 Becklenay
I have to agree that the song is beautiful, but my favorite version is Bono and The Coors.
1/29/2020 c20 alienappleshark
OMG, first off love the chapter. And second, I just ripped open a box of old books I had and then found, wait for it, PERSUASION BY JANE AUSTEN. I knew I had heard the author from somewhere and then when I read the title I totally flipped out. Third, I absolutely love the story so far, the grammar and the detail was so satisfying to read, and all the little plot twists and spins are BRILLIANT, I love a good slow-burn relationship from enemies to friend and all the scenes with them arguing lightheartedly sent me over the moon with joy. I hope you do more fanfic so like this and let me tell you that this has by far been one of my favourites stories on this whole sit. So yeah, thank you for a world you created that brought one of my favourite ships to life and I can't wait to see where this story leads. ️️️️
1/26/2020 c26 snitch-seeker
I had read this before, but came back and read it again, and it still hasn't lost its beauty...its an amazing piece of literature, and I looove your writing more than anything...
Keep going, best of luck...
1/27/2020 c13 dramione183006
i reaaaly read mr darcy.. as mr. dracy Lmao...i must be crazy
1/9/2020 c10 Guest
1/5/2020 c21 Guest
Wonderful and inventive! Heart wrenching and delightful.
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