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for What the Room Requires

5/8 c26 1MKelli
BRILLIANT! Bravo! I love Dramione, and I love your Lokane stories. This is another gift you’ve given the world. Thank you so much. ️
5/7 c16 MKelli
I’m only now reading this story for the first time, and this chapter blew me away. You weave the world so spectacularly that I am in it. That I am dancing in the line. That I can see the stars as they fall. Thank you. This is lovely. ️
5/1 c9 Mol-dune
I absolutely adore this story! Thank you for giving me something wonderful to focus on.
4/21 c26 5OracleGuessMe
Okay I really loved this...I felt like after they needed to seperate it was kinfa rushed, but I get why- I really liked how many books you have included, I am a big literature fan myself so thta was nice.
4/8 c26 Cecedramione
Wow! This was so brilliant. I have no words...bravo, bravo
4/4 c1 Dramioneforever
This was definitely my favorite Dramione fanfic; it’s so hard to get their relationship/love story right. I like how it took them a while to even be in the same room together and then they started getting closer. A lot of stories try to play it like they loved each other along, and I just don’t think that could happen. This story is so emotional and real, I love it! I come back to it and read it after a few weeks just to feel all the feels. Great job and keep writing!
3/25 c26 2SpeedOfSound01
So so wonderfully written. Everything flows together beautifully from beginning to end.
3/9 c4 Alleluia
Reading this in 2021. Can't believe this has 26 chapters and I'm only on chapter 4 and ITS AMAZING. Just, bravo so far, really.
3/1 c3 ElSpanishDr
That's what Dorothy said about the Yellow Brick Road. Look where that got her.
2/12 c26 Guest
Wow nice! Great story. I do ship Dramione. I think that they are a cute couple. Another great job Alydia! I love this story as well as your fallen star and lokistone sagas. You are a fantastic writer.
2/4 c26 Guest
AMAAAAZING! Thank you so much for this riveting story.
I hope I can learn/be brave enough to write like you one day.
2/4 c26 7behindthesehazeleyes1990
This was sooooo good.
1/30 c26 3MerlinAddicted
So, so beautiful. You had me crying in this last chapter. Such a lovely story, definitely one of my favorites. Thank you for that
1/26 c26 Guest
Hello! First, let me tel you your writting is wonderful and the story beautifully done. I really enjoyed the read. So, thank you. And second, because of that I went to read some of your other ff (eg mentalist, nanny mcphee, hp). Your should be an author! Great job! Congratulations on that and keep up the good work! Thank you for writing and posting. It is a delight to read your stories.
1/27 c26 v3e
gorgeous storryyy!.. i love this much. thankyou.. thankyou.. this end with happy ever afterr...
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