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for What the Room Requires

12/19/2020 c16 itme94
12/19/2020 c14 itme94
this is so touching
12/19/2020 c13 itme94
oh beautiful!
12/19/2020 c4 itme94
You have created such stunning imagery!
12/11/2020 c26 Emma Kinney
I felt very uncomfortable every time you'd ask us for a review, in every chapter at the beginning and at the end. In some cases it felt like you wouldn't continue the story if you didn't recive enough reviews.
11/29/2020 c2 Isla Hamilton
That last bit that malfoy said was so darn funny
11/29/2020 c1 Isla Hamilton
First chapter is pretty boring
11/23/2020 c17 Guest
11/23/2020 c13 Guest
this is legit the best dramione fan fic i have ever read
11/23/2020 c12 Guest
amazing! i love it
11/21/2020 c26 Guest
OMG your Amazing!
11/22/2020 c16 StrawberryButterfly7
I know that I’m a thousand years late but this... this chapter. This is what it’s all about. This is what all of us Dramione lovers are here for. This is the dream in our hearts.

Brava! And thank you
11/13/2020 c7 Person
oh my god. i am so amazed an in love with this book. I stopped reading for a while but i just started reading again and dont regret it!
11/2/2020 c1 Anna
Wow. Engaging!
11/1/2020 c26 Guest
This was AMAZING! I will read some more of your fics and I would definitely buy one of your books on Amazon but I'm not able to sadly. I do look forward to reading more of your work on here though! Thank you for this story :) :D
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