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11/1/2020 c26 Guest
This was AMAZING! I will read some more of your fics and I would definitely buy one of your books on Amazon but I'm not able to sadly. I do look forward to reading more of your work on here though! Thank you for this story :) :D
10/31/2020 c26 Katie
I'm sure you have hundreds of comments that say this but: it's been 10 years since you wrote this and here I am at 5am, having been unable to put it down, crying over your amazing story. Every part of this was gripping and beautiful.
I will definitely have to check out your published books... but right now I will sleep

Thank you for writing this
10/27/2020 c21 SSSNAKE
10/26/2020 c18 Flitwick
God this was a rollercoaster
10/26/2020 c17 sssssnake
My eyes have started leaking agin(
10/26/2020 c15 sssssnake
Thisss iss adorable!
10/26/2020 c13 sssssnake
10/26/2020 c12 sssssnake
10/26/2020 c9 sssssnake
10/26/2020 c8 sssssnake
10/28/2020 c26 1THGHPTVD.2
I love the epilogue here. At first, the child in Draco's arms wasn't said to be Teddy, but then it was, and now Draco and Hermione are MARRIED! We didn't even get invitations to the wedding! I mean, the quote was a /bit/ of a give away, but still!
I wish you the best of luck in writing and in life. Thank you for your story. (I found it when I was watching fanfic trailers on YouTube.)
10/26/2020 c3 Guest
10/26/2020 c26 10cyathula
That was so good, I cried when I found out I had reached the last chapter... and it’s such a happy ending too, thank you so much for writing such a work of art.
10/25/2020 c16 cyathula
That was simply exhilarating...
10/25/2020 c13 cyathula
Every chapter is just so beautiful. It’s inexplicable. This chapter, especially, just twisted my heart and made me sigh so contentedly at the end. I can’t stop reading.
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